Seminar SAP S/4HANA – What treasurers need to know

| 21-01-2020 | by treasuryXL |

Are you dealing with the replacement of existing SAP-systems with SAP S/4Hana and its impact on treasury departments? Discover the opportunities offered by this transition and what you need to be aware of by attending the SAP S/4Hana seminar on June 25, 2020 in Amsterdam organised by Schwabe, Ley & Greiner (SLG).

The transition to SAP S/4HANA

Many companies are currently transitioning to SAP S/4HANA. Hardly any other issue is presently as hot in IT departments of SAP clients. Treasury departments are also affected by the switch of their companies’ ERP systems.

It is therefore helpful, as a treasury department, to address this issue regardless of the extent to which you have relied on SAP in the area of treasury in the past. Why? Because these changes are going to impact everyone. Irrespective of whether you use a stand-alone TMS (in this case, at least because the interfaces and data sources will change) or your processes are reflected using SAP treasury modules (in this case the impact will of course be greater since your own systems will be affected by the switch).

Many corporates are taking the opportunity offered by the switch to the new SAP version to integrate their systems to a greater extent. As such, the fundamental question of what system to use also arises. This could be an opportunity to efficiently design your treasury processes using a new or optimised system-based solution.

What key issues are covered in the seminar?

  • SAP S/4HANA – an overview of what’s new compared to the old version
  • How your future system landscape needs to be configured – which options are available and what to pay attention to
  • Understand the IT approaches relevant to the S/4HANA launch
  • What to do during the transition while selecting a new system – possible strategies
  • A quick insight into the system: SAP S/4HANA
  • A quick insight into the system: SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

Target Audience

Managers and personnel in the areas of treasury, cash and liquidity management, risk management, controlling, finance and accounting, payables and receivables management, IT and SAP applications.


1. SAP S/4HANA – an overview of what’s new compared to the old version.

  • General system architecture
  • The new design – web-based interface as an alternative to the SAP GUI
  • Which new features does SAP S/4HANA offer in the area of treasury?
  • A brief explanation of the new models: SAP Cloud Platform (connection to external systems), SAP Analytics Cloud (new approach to reporting and forecasting) and SAP Leonardo (machine learning)

2. How your future system landscape needs to be configured.

  • An overview of possible scenarios
  • What if you already use SAP treasury modules and there’s a switch to S/4HANA? What’s going to change? Which functions will have to be modified? Which functions are going to be added? Which licenses will you need?
  • Integrated system v. side-by-side approach – which advantages and disadvantages are there?
  • How can your existing non-SAP TMS be integrated into an SAP landscape?
  • If you currently use a non-SAP TMS, does it make sense to fully or partially switch to using SAP treasury modules?

3. Understand the IT approaches relevant to the S/4HANA launch

  • Greenfield v. brownfield approach; on-premise v. cloud strategy
  • Why is it also important for treasurers to understand their IT strategy?
  • What do these approaches mean for treasury departments?
  • S/4HANA best practices

4. What to do during the transition while selecting a new system – possible strategies

  • Treasury now needs a new system-based solution but it’s going to take time to implement the new S/4HANA system landscape
  • Possible interim solutions
  • Can and should your treasury department be the test bed for S /4HANA?
  • When is it better to wait?

5. A quick insight into the system: SAP S/4HANA

  • Navigation
  • New look and feel
  • Insight into several important apps

6. A quick insight into the system: SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

  • Brief overview
  • Comprehensive treasury reporting in real-time
  • SAC options in cash flow forecasting


The participation fee for the seminar is EUR 1,500.00 (ex VAT). This includes documentation, lunch and beverages.

Register with 20% discount via treasuryXL

We are delighted to give you the opportunity to register for the seminar with a 20% discount. Please be aware that discounted places are limited. The seminar allows a maximum of 15 attendees. We recommend to sign up early to secure your spot. You can use code treasuryXL20 at check out to receive your discount.

You can register here.

Date, Time & Location

Thursday, June 25 – 2020

10:00 – 18:00

Hotel NH Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
Kruisweg 495,  2132 NA Amsterdam


Florian Maak

Manager at Schwabe, Ley & Greiner





About Schwabe, Ley & Greiner

Schwabe, Ley & Greiner (SLG) has been in existence for more than 31 years and is the leading consultancy firm in the area of finance and treasury management. During these years, they have carried out more than 5,000 projects mainly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for over 2,000 large and medium-sized clients in all sectors and on behalf of these clients for their subsidiaries in almost all Western European countries and overseas.


Visit website

Blockchain Information Event

| 17-01-2020 | by RBS |

Here is your reminder to join the free event: Blockchain, What is it and what does it do for your supply chain? The event will take place on January 27th, 2020 at the Rotterdam Business School, Kralingse Zoom 91.

Blockchain is a new disruptive technology that together with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data promises to change the way we do business today. It seems to have a major potential to make supply chains more efficient and transparent by cutting out middlemen and creating possibilities to do trusted peer-to-peer transactions on a global scale. However:

  • What is Blockchain exactly and how does it work?
  • What can Blockchain be used for?
  • Are there proven user cases?
  • How can blockchain be used to create value?

These and other questions related to Blockchain will be answered at the event.

January 27, 2020

16:00 – 20:00 




15:45 – 16:00    Welcome with coffee

16:00 – 17:00    Blockchain in the supply chain: financial and sustainable solutions

Victor van der Hulst, Blockchain expert Windesheim University of applied sciences

17:00 – 17:10     The logistics applications of Blockchain

Ron van Duin, professor of applied sciences, Rotterdam University of applied sciences

17:10-17:30        Best blockchain thesis award

17:30-17:45        A proven blockchain user case: Dutch & Belgian government: Waste transportation

Martijn Broersma LTO Network

17:45 – 18:00     Coffee break

18:00 – 19:00     Break out sessions

      1. Blockchain and the food chain
        Chair: Josanne Heeroma ten Katen (RUAS)
      2. Blockchain and supply chain finance
        Chair: Luca Gelsomino (UASW)
      3. Blockchain and fashion
        Chair: Chris van Veldhuizen (TMO)
      4. Blockchain and the off-shore industry
        Chair: Arthur Fellinger (RUAS)
      5. Blockchain and paperless document flows
        Chair: Martijn Broersma (LTO Network)

19:00-19:30        Wrap up

19:30-20:00       Social drinks


The event is a cooperation between the Masters of International Business the SIA-RAAk project Blockchain for SME’s and the National Blockchain Thesis Table. It’s aim is to disseminate knowledge acquired by applied research and stimulate the cooperation within the triple helix: business, research and education. For questions contact:


Information session Treasury Management & Corporate Finance on May 13, 2020

10-1-2020 | by Kendra Keydeniers | Vrije Universiteit

The VU Amsterdam would like to invite you to the information Session of the Executive Education programmes at the VU Amsterdam on May 13,  2020. This evening gives an insight into the content and organisation of the programmes


The Information session of the postgraduate programme Treasury Management & Corporate Finance is from 18.30 hr. to 19:15 hr.

Anyone interested in the programme is welcome. We are looking forward to seeing you at the VU Amsterdam!

Register here


Take a dive into RT career stories from graduates

The VU has been delivering RT graduates successfully for a few decades. That means that there are hundreds of graduates working, most of them in corporate treasury. How do their careers look like after they graduated? treasuryXL asked some of the RT graduates about their career development and their thoughts about the RT programme. Check it out:

Join ILFA and Global Reach for a Foreign Exchange Masterclass on 23rd January 2020

16-12-2019 | by Kendra Keydeniers | Ilfa Group

Learn about the different FX risks, how to mitigate these, and how the use of tools might help.

About this Event

Ilfa and Global Reach are organising a masterclass on foreign exchange risk management. FX experts Michael Jansen of Global Reach and Arnoud Doornbos of Ilfa will guide you through the design of a FX risk management program and demonstrate which opportunities a program like this has for your organisation.

During the masterclass they will focus on:

  • Creating a foreign exchange strategy
  • Analysing your business’ operating cycle to identify FX risks
  • Calculating your business’ exposure to FX risks
  • Managing your foreign exchange exposure via hedging
  • Specialist FX tools


16:00 Walk in with coffee and thee

16:15 Introductions Ilfa and Global Reach

16:20 Part 1: Educating FX risks

17:30 Break

17:45 Part 2: Ilfa’s Treasury as a Service and Global Reach Intelligence

18:15 Drinks and snacks

19:00 End


You can register for the masterclass until the 8th of January 2020.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Michael Jansen via, +31 6 11 35 07 60 or Arnoud Doornbos via, +31 6 83 94 16 99.

About Ilfa

Ilfa helps businesses and social organisations to obtain funding and to manage their treasury. Since 1995, they are specialised in attracting bank and/or alternative financing, managing liquidity and managing financial risks. Ilfa’s core values are innovative, professional, driven and transparent. Since 2013, ILFA Group is in possession of a permit as an investment firm in accordance with the Financial Supervision Act.

About Global Reach

Global Reach is a leading provider of corporate foreign exchange, offering insight and guidance to help clients in managing their currency requirements more effectively. Our proprietary technology is at the core of the multi-faceted services we provide our clients. Whether your business requires an one-off transaction or a complex, multi-currency hedging strategy, protecting your bottom line is paramount for us. Global Reach is proud winner of Feefo’s Gold Trusted Service Award.





Start your International Treasury Management and Corporate Finance course in January 2020

13-12-2019 | by Kendra Keydeniers | Francois De Witte

Do you acquire an in-depth knowledge in corporate treasury and wishing to exercise this knowledge in practice? You can start the course in January 2020 and have your final exam 6 months later in June 2020.


This course will start on January 23th 2020. It includes 13 training modules and 5 intermediary exams. It is necessary to complete this form before your official registration. Registration will be closed on January 6th 2020.


The treasurer is the custodian of the company’s daily liquidity. He manages, anticipates and secures cash flows by ensuring that financial needs are covered.

This cursus will give the ability to assist directly and practically the treasurer of large corporates or to take over the treasury responsibilities in a SME.

The various modules will allow acquiring an in-depth knowledge of the various areas of the “Corporate Treasure” profession.


At the end of this programme, the participant will able to:

  • assist directly and practically the treasurer of large corporates
  • take over treasury responsibilities in a SME.

The various modules will allow to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the various areas of the “Corporate Treasurer” profession.


Module 0: Introduction to Treasury Management
Speaker: Benjamin Defays / Treasury Manager

  • Corporate Treasurer’s responsibilities
  • Cash management (bank account opening, closing, KYC, Cash pooling, Payments and bank connectivity)
  • Liquidity management (importance of working capital management,
  • Risk management (foreign exchange, fraud, credit risk)
  • Trade finance (general context, intro to bank guarantees and letters of credit)

Module 1: Financial Maths (Focus on treasury & corporate finance)
Speaker: Hugues Pirotte / Professor of Finance at Solvay Brussels School

  • Focus on treasury & corporate finance
  • Time Value of Money
  • Vocabulary
  • Compounding intervals
  • Discount and annuity factors

Module 2: Advanced Excel workshop for treasurers (Dedicated to treasury)
Speaker: Hugues Pirotte / Professor of Finance at Solvay Brussels School

Module 3: Corporate Finance
Speaker: Mikael Pereira / Associate, Finance

  • Valuations
    • M&A’s
    • Portfolios
  • Corporate Financing
  • Corporate Investments

Module 4: Cash Management (domestic and international)
Speaker François De Witte / Consultant

  • Payments (Process, Tools)
  • Liquidity Management
  • Cash-Flow Forecasting
  • In-House Banking
  • Banking Relationship

Module 5: Trade Finance
Speaker: Benjamin Defays / Treasury Manager

  • General contact, cultural aspects
  • Why trade finance in treasury
  • Bank Guarantees, Burgschafts, Surety Bonds, Letters of Credit, Cash against Documents
  • Alterative security instruments
  • Disruptive technologies

Module 6: Credit Control
Speaker: Anca Vasiliu / Counterparty Risk Manager

  • Concepts & Practices/Types of Credit Risks
  • Understanding Financial Statements and Ratios
  • Credit Scoring/Ratings – S&P, Bloomberg models
  • Collecting overdue receivables – setting priorities
  • Strategies dealing with overdue invoices
  • Debt collection services development

Module 7: Pension / Insurance 

  • General introduction on insurances and pensions
  • Typology of insurances
  • Risk management via insurances
  • Saving via insurances

Module 8: Compliance

  • International sanctions and their impact on transactions & overall business activities
  • Anticorruption (FCPA, UK Bribery Act)
  • EU competition law compliance
  • Drafting a contract (main considerations)

Module 9: Risk Management
Speaker: Patrick Verspecht / Group Treasurer

  • FX, Interests
  • Counterparties
  • Others (Reputation, etc…)

Module 10: Regulations / Accounting
Speaker: Quentin Bodart / Senior Finance Engineer

  • Emir, Mifid 2, Basle II and III,
  • Dodd Frank, GDPR, Fatca, Section 385…

Module 11: Treasury Accounting
Speaker: Quentin Bodart / Senior Finance Engineer

  • Accounting for Derivatives
  • Hedge Accounting, IFRS9 (all from a treasury side)

Module 12: Technologies
Speaker: Patrick Verspecht / Group Treasurer

  • New Technologies
    • Blockchain, Crypto-currencies, Smart Contracts
  • Treasury Console (Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters)
  • TMS, Fintechs

Module 13: Cyber Fraud

  • Why Cyber fraud needs to be considered as a major risk
  • Identify the consequences of a cyberattack
  • Main fraud schemes
  • How to protect against fraud

Some homework might be proposed for some modules, there will be continuous control in the form of intermediary exams (under the form of QCM) and a final exam will be sanctioned by an attestation delivered by ATEL (The Luxembourg Association of Corporate Treasurers).

There might also be one or two “extra-activity”, such as a visit in a bank trading room or/and a special guest speaker addressing the cursus participants on a specific subject (still to be defined, optional events).

Target Audience

Anyone willing to acquire an in-depth knowledge in corporate treasury and wishing to exercise this knowledge in practice.


  • Basic background in finance or accounting
  • For the Advanced Excel workshop, a preliminary (good) knowledge in Excel is required

Course Material

The course material can be downloaded free of charge via your portal the day before the start of the course (download the Client Portal User’s Guide here).


At the end of the programme, the participants will receive a “Certificate of Attendance” delivered by the House of Training, and an attestation of “Exam Success Pass” delivered by ATEL.

In order to get certified, an 80% rate of attendance and a 60% average score on the examinations are required.

The participants will also receive a one-year free membership to ATEL ( giving a number of advantages.

Register here







Information session Treasury Management & Corporate Finance

18-11-2019 | by Kendra Keydeniers | Vrije Universiteit

The VU Amsterdam would like to invite you to the information Session of the Executive Education programmes at the VU Amsterdam on Thursday 28 November 2019. This evening gives an insight into the content and organisation of the programmes


The Information session of the postgraduate programme Treasury Management & Corporate Finance is from 18.30 hr. to 19:15 hr.

Anyone interested in the programme is welcome. We are looking forward to seeing you at the VU Amsterdam!

Register here


Take a dive into RT career stories from graduates

The VU has been delivering RT graduates successfully for a few decades. That means that there are hundreds of graduates working, most of them in corporate treasury. How do their careers look like after they graduated? treasuryXL asked some of the RT graduates about their career development and their thoughts about the RT programme. Check it out:

Post-HBO Masterclasses Treasury Management 2020

| 12-11-2019 | treasuryXL | Hogeschool Utrecht

The HU University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht scheduled 4 Post-HBO Treasury Management Masterclasses in 2020. The first masterclass will start on April 16, 2020. You can find all information below (in Dutch).

Bent u een controller, accountant, financieel adviseur, cash manager of bankier met enkele jaren ervaring en ambieert u op termijn een functie als financieel directeur van een grotere (internationale) MKB onderneming of non-profit organisatie? Of wilt u gewoon meer kennis opdoen over Treasury Management (TM) om dit binnen uw eigen werkgebied toe te passen, dan is de Post-HBO Leergang TM iets voor u. Gedurende een viertal masterclasses verdiept u zich in de belangrijkste onderdelen van TM, zoals corporate finance, cash management, valuta en rentemanagement

De cursus wordt afgesloten met een opdracht uit de eigen praktijk van de deelnemer die gepresenteerd en beoordeeld wordt. Naast de bedrijfsopdrachten van de cursisten zelf maakt ook een treasury simulatie op het gebied van cash management onderdeel uit van het programma.

Tijdens de leergang komen vele praktische vraagstukken aan de orde, zoals:

  • Bankrelatiemanagement: opbouwen en onderhouden van een goede relatie met de bank.
  • Alternatieve financieringsmodellen: SME bonds, Crowdfunding, Blockchain, Impact Investing.
  • Rentederivaten: niet alleen woningcorporaties hadden een probleem.
  • Dé manier om debiteuren (sneller) te innen: international cash management.
  • Een transparante rapportage: inzicht bieden voor alle stakeholders.
  • Internationaal zakendoen: forex risico en -hedging, investeringen met rendement.
  • Behavioral finance: inzicht krijgen in hoe financiële beslissingen worden beïnvloed door biases en wat daaraan te doen.

De masterclasses (met ook Engelstalige literatuur) vinden plaats op donderdagen in april, mei, juni en oktober 2020.

De opleiding bestaat uit de volgende onderdelen:

  1. Corporate Finance (Frans Boumans)
  • Hoe wordt een onderneming gefinancierd?
  • Nieuwe financieringsvormen (crowdfunding, private equity, peer-to-peer lending, fintech)
  • Overname- en buy out financiering
  • Het belang van Investor Relations
  • Hou houd je de relatie met de bank goed?
  1. Cash management (Michiel van der Ven)
  • Het opzetten en forecasten van cash budgets
  • Ins en outs van credit management
  • (international) betalingsverkeer
  • Netting en cash pooling
  1. FX-, interest rate risk management (Annette Prinsen)
  • Financial risk strategie en policy
  • Vreemde valuta- en rente riskmanagement (hedging instrumenten)
  • Investeringen van overtollige liquiditeiten
  • Pensioenverplichtingen
  1. Consultancy assignment and personal development (Frans Boumans en Janneke Nonkes)
  • Presentatie en feedback op een eigen praktijkonderzoek over een treasury naar eigen keuze
  • personal development gesprek

De docenten zijn allen langdurig in het bedrijfsleven werkzaam (geweest) als financieel directeur, treasurer en bankier en hebben tevens ruime ervaring in het hoger onderwijs.

Data: donderdagen 16 april, 14 mei, 18 juni  en 15 oktober 2020, van 15.30u tot 20.00u van 15.30u tot 20.00u, kort onderbroken voor een lichte maaltijd, in Utrecht.

Prijs: € 1975 (inclusief persoonlijk assessment)

Locatie: Hogeschool Utrecht, Heidelberglaan 15, Uithof, Utrecht

Toelatingseisen: HBO-diploma, ca. drie jaar relevante werkervaring

Tijdens een adviesgesprek kijken we samen of de opleiding aansluit bij uw ambitie én of u past bij de opleiding. Door de interactieve colleges leer je van elkaar, dus de samenstelling van de groep is van belang. Gestreefd wordt naar een diverse groep deelnemers verschillende sectoren van het bedrijfsleven en de non-profit sector.

More info and registration here


Proud media partner of the SCF Forum Europe 2019

| 08-11-2019 | by Kendra Keydeniers |

treasuryXL is media partner of the SCF Forum Europe, the world’s leading supply chain finance conference and awards.

The conference will take place on November 28th, 2019 at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The SCF Forum & Awards brings together over 300 of Europe’s treasurers, procurement directors, banks, technology vendors and academics to learn from each other and set out the future of Supply Chain Finance. Now in its seventh year, SCF Forum has grown to become Europe’s leading supply chain finance event.

SCF Forum is different from other conferences: with an agenda driven by leading business schools and an ethos that is about learning and networking rather than selling, it attracts the treasurers and procurement directors of corporations that are serious about understanding what supply chain finance can do for their businesses.

See an overview of the event speakers here.

Download the full agenda of the conference here.

The SCF Awards presentations will take place at the end of the conference, showcasing the best examples of supply chain finance from around the world.

Keynote speeches, corporate case studies, plenaries and workshops, together with three breakout streams, make up the most comprehensive review of the state of Supply Chain Finance available anywhere.


and be part of the SFC Forum Europe 2019. We are happy to provide our readers with a 25% discount code on regular tickets. Use the code TXL25 at checkout.

Already registered? Download the SFC Forum Europe app on your mobile (apple or android)  and receive an exclusive offer by treasuryXL.

Looking forward connecting with you at the SFC Forum Europe 2019.

Kendra Keydeniers
Community & Partner Manager at treasuryXL


College Tour International Cash Management 2019

| 04-11-2019 | treasuryXL | Vrije Universiteit

The treasurer’s professional environment is changing rapidly. Alongside the classic management of capital flows, treasurers are confronted with ever-increasing legislation. In addition, fintechs and cryptocurrency offer solutions which compete with traditional banking services. The International Cash Management module of the RT programme covers these topics extensively, clustered in several units. The Cash Management Fundamentals unit includes working capital management, liquidity forecasting and liquidity management. In addition, the structure of international banking is covered in detail. The role of correspondent banking, the principles of international payments and the main payment systems are examined in depth. In this context, the module also deals with the information technology which businesses require to create the interface with banking payment systems. Naturally, this covers the latest technological developments, including blockchain. The module also expands on netting and cash pooling techniques, the relationship with financial institutions and the organisation of an international treasury department. An overview of the legal and fiscal aspects is also included. Case studies are used to supplement the extensive practical knowledge provided.

Course Content
  • Management Account Structures: pooling Techniques, cash pooling, netting, tax and accounting impact
  • Working Capital Management: cash conversion cycle, working capital management, short term finance
  • Trade & Commodity Finance: identifying trade risks, trade instruments, trade finance solutions
  • Payment Services: payment instruments, collection instruments, clearing, bank connectivity
  • Relevant regulatory environment: Basel III, PSD2, bank relationship management
  • Cash flow forecasting methods
  • Treasury Management Systems: overview, treasury functions and evolution, selection of a treasury management system, implementation
  • Fintech: Payment innovations, Blockchain, Crypto currency

Course features

Primarily, the course gives an overview of this treasury
discipline, focussed on everyday practice and the latest
developments in this area. Sessions are interactive and
delivered by lecturers active in this field. There is an
opportunity to put knowledge sharing into practice with
the help of a game and case studies.


There will be an end-of-module examination. Participants
passing the examination will receive a certificate. This
certificate counts towards an exemption when enrolling
for the post-doctorate Treasury Management & Corporate
Finance programme; course language – English.

Coordination and lecturers

Professor Wilko Bolt (DNB) and Professor Herbert Rijken
(VU) will be the key lecturers for this module. Other lecturers will
include Rolf Michon and Nanno van der Werff.
Sybrand de Groes is responsible for the coordination of
this module. Maximum number of participants: 25

Admission requirements

The course is at Bachelor level. It is assumed that you
have work experience in the field of cash management.

Tuition fees & registration

The tuition fees are € 3,950. If there are enough places,
non-DACT members may also participate. The tuition
fees for non-members are € 4,750.

Send an email to if you wish to register.


VU Universiteit, Hoofdgebouw, Agora Zalen Complex,
De Boelelaan 1105, Amsterdam.

Course schedule

The course includes 8 double lectures (2 x 2 hours) each
week on Thursdays, starting Thursday 14 November 2019,
ending on Thursday 16 January 2019 (note: the lecture
planned on Thursday November 14, 2019 will be organized
in De Leeuwenhorst in Noordwijkerhout where the DACT
Treasury Fair will be held). Lectures are from 15:30 –
17:30 hours and 18:15 – 20:15 hours, including a meal.
The examination date is on Thursday 23 January 2020.


Top 10 Treasury Priorities in 2020

| 29-10-2019 | TIS |

It’s webinar time! Our partner TIS will organize their next webinar on November 20, 2019.

The evolution of the Treasury function continues to accelerate with process automation and AI touching all aspects of Treasury Operations, and expectations to deliver more value across the enterprise.

How do you leverage technology to mitigate time spent on non-value add activities?

How do treasury professionals build the right relationships to deliver forecasts that matter, manage cash and bank relationships, and manage financial risks while communicating with impact to deliver business analysis that impacts performance?

Join Giancarlo Laudini, SVP Global Sales & Marketing Operations, TIS and Ernie Humphrey, CEO, 360 Thought Leadership Consulting to discover our ten priorities for Treasury teams for 2020 to tackle in order to deliver strategic value while facilitating a culture of collaboration and data-driven decision making within and beyond Treasury


Register here!

Date: Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Timing: 5.00 PM – 6.00 PM CET