Bank Account Management – A Treasurer’s Guide

| 22-6-2017 | Treasury Intelligence Solutions GmbH (TIS) | Sponsored content |

Bank Account Managment knows many issues and the Guide of TIS reviews them,  lists best practices and various suggestions to improve the process at your organization.

Risk and liquidity management are top of mind for treasurers in today’s business climate highlighting the importance of bank accounts. They are necessary to pay, receive and store money and also to protect resources and facilitate treasury management. Companies must have at least one bank account, some have hundreds and a few require thousands of bank accounts to conduct their business. Bank accounts are also the means by which companies are connected to other businesses, people and the banks where the accounts are held. This makes the business of bank account management not only an important task but in the current hyper-connected environment of cybercrime, terrorism, fraud and tax evasion a mission critical function. Failure to properly manage bank accounts has the potential to cause material disruption or business failure for the account holders.

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