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The 15th edition of the ACT Cash Management Conference takes place on 12 February 2019 in London.

The ACT’s flagship cash management event of the year provides a unique opportunity to share best practice, hear practical case studies from leading corporates and network with fellow cash management and treasury professionals.


The payments landscape: keep up to date with the latest changes in payments innovation and regulation:

  • the latest regulatory changes and payment fraud (panels)
  • cross-border payments, the New Payments Systems Organisation (breakout sessions)
  • setting up a payments factory (best-in-class case study)

Cash management evergreens: lack of control and visibility remain the top cash management challenges for treasurers. Discuss key questions such as:

  • what really makes good cash management? (panel)
  • cash pooling structures and trapped cash (breakout sessions)
  • how to get cash forecasting right from the beginning (best-in-class case study)

The bigger picture:look beyond day-to-day cash management and listen to frank discussions on:

  • the profitability of cash management products from a bank’s perspective (panel)
  • designing an optimised liquidity portfolio (breakout session)
  • the future of cash management innovation (panel)

For more information or if you want to register for the event visit the events website.


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