Introducing Grain: FX certainty – without the complexity.

Grain is an end-to-end embedded cross-currency solution designed specifically for software providers and marketplaces. Our cutting-edge platform enables you to eliminate foreign exchange (FX) risk for your end customers, revolutionizing the way transactions are conducted across borders. With our simple and automated solution, you and your customers can securely lock currency rates and effortlessly transfer funds, all without the need for banks or brokers.

Tailored Solutions for Industry Needs

At Grain, we understand that different industries have unique requirements and goals. That’s why our solution is meticulously engineered to cater to various sectors, including:

Unparalleled API-Based Integration

By leveraging our API-based solution, you gain access to a comprehensive range of FX management capabilities all in one platform. This empowers you not only to hedge your own cross-border transactions but also to extend these services to your customers. Our versatile solution ensures maximum convenience, enabling your clients to effortlessly navigate the complexities of global transactions.

Why CFOs and Treasurers Choose Grain

  • We make it simple.
    With our fully embedded FX payment solution, you can eliminate your customers’ FX risk for future payments and keep bureaucracy out of the picture with a single click.
  • We protect FX rates.
    We safeguard currency rates on every transaction, even on cancellations, returns and refunds.
  • We make managing multiple currencies a breeze.
    Grain opens up cross-currency bank accounts, enabling seamless local collections for your business.

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