VENLO, The Netherlands, July 10, 2023 –
treasuryXL, a leading community platform for professionals in the treasury industry, and Grain Finance, a unique end-to-end embedded cross-currency solution that enables software providers and marketplaces to eliminate FX volatility for their customers, have entered into a premium partnership.

The partnership between treasuryXL and Grain Finance encompasses a range of initiatives designed to enhance industry knowledge, foster collaboration, and promote thought leadership. Key highlights of the partnership include:

  • Collaboration on messaging, content creation, and visibility to deliver impactful insights to the treasury community.
  • Joint distribution of relevant materials to ensure a wider reach and maximize the dissemination of valuable resources.
  • Cooperation on larger themes, such as event promotion and speaking engagements, featuring contributions from esteemed industry experts.

The partnership between treasuryXL and Grain Finance is specifically designed to meet the requirements of treasurers and CFOs, offering them a comprehensive, current, and trustworthy resource they can rely on. This collaboration seeks to empower treasurers and CFOs by providing them with the latest information, expert insights, and industry updates on cross-currency management. Through this partnership, treasurers and CFOs can enhance their knowledge, stay informed about best practices, and stay updated on significant industry events.

About treasuryXL

treasuryXL is a place to make connections. Since 2016 they have served the worldwide treasury community as a daily learning hub, a unique source of news from industry insiders, and a space to engage with the top experts in the field. For anyone with a treasury question, treasuryXL seek to connect you with answers from the best practitioners in the industry.

In close cooperation with partners and experts, treasuryXL offers knowledge, shares practical news and commentary, publicizes job opportunities, and creates online events. They do this via their website, a weekly newsletter, and their large community of treasury professionals on LinkedIn. Their comprehensive coverage of the industry attracts an audience from large corporates as well as medium-sized companies, along with consultancies, universities, and other treasury-related organizations.

treasuryXL’s strength is its community. Community members are quick to inform each other of highly relevant industry developments. Via social media and in online events, they also share knowledge and experience that is essential to the everyday work of treasury. For these reasons, treasuryXL has become an indispensable resource for treasury professionals around the world.

About Grain Finance

Grain is a game-changing FX management solution that simplifies cross-currency payments and eliminates FX risk for software platforms and marketplaces. What sets Grain apart is its intuitive design, making integration a breeze without compromising on performance. Our team is composed of industry professionals, including former employees of Barclays and Deutsche Bank, as well as successful fintech startup entrepreneurs.

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