Harry Mills is a Director at Oku Markets Limited, a UK-based currency management firm. A well-respected leader in the FX market since 2010, Harry has helped thousands of businesses to more effectively manage their currency risk and improve their international payment operations.

Having enjoyed a successful career covering one of the world’s preeminent FX businesses, and heading the currency options trading desk at a boutique firm, Harry founded Oku Markets in 2021 with a mission to reform the market and provide a better service to businesses at transparent pricing.

Harry publishes a daily FX market newsletter and a weekly blog covering risk management and financial markets.

Currency risk is one of the most potentially damaging obstacles that businesses face, yet it is one of the least understood. The FX market is fast-moving, with unpredictable fluctuations and periods of high volatility. Financial decision-makers should arm themselves with the best analysis, the most effective strategies, and comprehensive advice from true industry experts. Harry Mills



  • FX Risk Management
  • Hedging Strategy and Policy formulation
  • Currency risk analytics
  • Currency Options, vanilla to exotic
  • Complex structured FX products


  • FX markets and analysis
  • Trade suitability and appropriateness
  • Reviewing FX trading provisions and counterparties
  • Setting up and operating an FX Options desk
  • Running an FX dealing desk