Anastasia is a finance professional with a passion for financial markets and sustainability. She spent several years studying and working in the Netherlands. In 2021 Anastasia moved to London, where she successfully completed the MSc Finance program with distinction.

Anastasia became very interested in the topic of Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) and sustainable development. She had a chance to perform several quantitative research that found positive relations between companies’ ESG performance and their financial results. Companies that integrate ESG in their core business models and risk management could be perceived by investors as less risky, which would lead to lower cost of capital and better financial results. Moreover, businesses with strong ESG focus consider a wide range of business risks, going beyond financial or market risks. Therefore, due to better risk management ESG oriented companies are more likely to survive in the long-term. Given this, Anastasia decided that she would like to pursue a career that would enable her to combine knowledge in Finance and interest in ESG.

Anastasia has always seen Treasury as a possibility to combine her financial knowledge and ESG. She decided to start a career in Corporate Treasury. She spent 1.5 year in a Treasury team of international logistics company, supporting CFO and Treasury Manager with financial risk management, debt financing, cash and liquidity management. She also developed a sustainability reporting framework for the company, helping the business to make its first steps in the field of ESG.

Anastasia is currently working for a leading financial software vendor, which provides trading, treasury, risk management and regulatory compliance solutions to tier-1 global investment banks, asset managers and corporates. She is focusing on the development of ESG reporting solutions, which should enable credit institutions and investment management firms to comply with new ESG regulations such as EU Taxonomy and SFDR (Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation).

Recently Anastasia joined CFA UK Society as a volunteer of Sustainability Community. The community regularly organizes live and virtual events, as well as creates online ESG content to raise awareness about current ESG related challenges, facing by the financial services industry and corporations in general.

Anastasia enjoys doing Rhythmic Gymnastics. She is a former professional gymnast who spent more than 10 years competing nationally and internationally. This experience made her resilient, capable to work under pressure and handle long working hours easily. She is an acknowledged Masters of Sports in Rhythmic Gymnastics and a multiple prize winner of national competitions in my country of birth. Nowadays, she spends her free time coaching young gymnasts, which helps Anastasia to improve her leadership skills, learn how to manage various athlete stakeholders and make wise decisions about competition tactics.