Managing currency effectively is key for businesses, and this session dives deep into this important aspect of corporate treasury. Led by Pieter de Kiewit, our session feature insights from Jesper Nielsen-Terp of Lunar and Antonio Rami from Kantox, discussing how currency management has developed to prioritize predictability and ethics.


Jesper Nielsen stresses the need to speak the language of treasury in a way that everyone in the company can understand. Simplifying complex terms and showing real-world impacts can help treasurers play a more strategic role within their organizations. It’s all about anticipating risks, especially when it comes to currency fluctuations, and making sure everyone across different departments is on the same page.

Antonio Rami supports this sentiment, emphasizing that treasurers must translate financial jargon into practical outcomes. When treasury and sales teams work together closely, businesses can make better decisions, reducing risks and boosting profits.

Feedback from both inside and outside the company is a crucial part of fine-tuning currency management strategies. By fostering collaboration and clarity, treasurers can create more value across the board and adapt to changing market conditions.

Our discussion covered a range of topics, from negotiating FX rates in venture capital deals to the challenges of implementing treasury management systems. We emphasized the importance of centralizing treasury management to optimize hedging strategies and reduce risks across different parts of the company.

We also highlighted the cultural aspects within organizations, emphasizing the need for a culture of continuous improvement and transparency. Centralizing FX management is key for efficiency, but it’s also important to consider local market nuances.


Looking ahead, we explored how AI and machine learning could enhance FX risk management. We discussed the feasibility and implications of incorporating these technologies into treasury operations.

In summary, it’s essential for treasurers to keep up with emerging trends and technologies while understanding their organization’s unique FX risk profile and business needs.

More details are covered in the session. Thanks for reading and have fun watching the recording!

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