Steven de Klein decided to take a deeper dive into the world of treasury and started the RT program in 2014. He graduated as Register Treasurer (RT) in 2017. Before moving into treasury, he studied Business Economics in Nijmegen. His first experience in treasury was a good one, “The field of treasury is much greater than most people expect” said Steven.


Steven is Treasurer at Van Mossel Automotive Group BV, the largest car dealer holding in the Benelux, headquartered in Waalwijk, The Netherlands. Founded 75 years ago, Van Mossel Automotive Group BV now employs over 6.600 people and has a total yearly revenue of more than 6 billion euros. The company is the official dealer of 43 car brands which are sold in 438 showrooms in 6 different countries. Every year more than 180.000 new and used cars are sold. Next to the dealerships and lease company, the Van Mossel group has an extensive network of car repair shops providing the full range of mobility services. 

We asked Steven 4 questions about the RT program:

What for you was the main reason to start a career in treasury?

During my final year at the Radboud University in Nijmegen where I studied Business Economics, I started at a small advisory firm specialized in (corporate) financing. That was my first experience in treasury and it suited me well. Soon afterward I joined a development & construction company that showed me that treasury was more than just financing and before you know it, you are a ‘treasurer’.

Why did you start with the RT program?

After working within the same company for a few years I noticed that my learning curve was leveling out. I started to investigate what treasury courses and programs were available and found that the RT program is without any doubt the best and most comprehensive treasury course available in The Netherlands.

How did the education help you in your career?

Not only did I gain a lot of new knowledge about treasury, but also about related topics such as macroeconomics, fiscal law and (hedge) accounting. This helps to connect the dots a lot better when you’re back at your daily job. It also brought me a new network of people and good memories.

Are you still in touch with your peers?

Absolutely, during the 2-year program you built a strong relationship with your peers, since you do spend almost a full day per week with them. This is also one of the bigger benefits of the RT program in comparison to at-home studies.

Steven de Klein

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