What’s Money Transfer really about?

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Don’t let the technical details overwhelm you. Online money transfer is a quick, simple, and secure process for any of your currency exchange needs.

Have you ever sent money via any means that doesn’t require walking into a physical bank to complete the transaction? That’s money transfer. It’s a simple process of receiving or sending money to a local or an international recipient without any physical cash.

Money transfers are usually available in two forms: payment and transfer.

  • When you use a debit card at a store or your boss gives you your paycheck through direct deposit, you’re experiencing small-scale money transfer.

  • When you’re sending money to another account or person, whether it’s across town or across the world, you’re also making a transfer.

There are four key types of money transfer services to choose from. These are:

  1. Wire transfer

  2. Online money transfer

  3. Bank draft

  4. Money orders

You can use any of these methods for local and international money transfers—but not all options are created equal.

What’s the difference between the four types of money transfer?

Wire transfers are one of the common money transfer services that you can use to transfer funds from one bank account to another bank account or to a cash office.

Online money transfer usually involves sending and receiving funds via an online remittance company (such as Xe) anywhere in the world. Users can easily transfer funds from their phone or their desktop computer, and watch them be deposited in their recipient’s bank account within days (or hours, or even minutes). Better still, funds can be transferred in almost all known currencies across the world.

Bank drafts are mostly used for making payments to companies or organizations abroad. A money transfer company or a bank can issue a bank draft and it is cashable at a financial institution. Bank drafts seem to be the most expensive type of money transfer. However, larger companies and institutions prefer using bank drafts because of their audit trail features and security.

To use a money order for sending funds, the sender is required to go to a cash office to create the money order for a precise cash office and recipient to pick up. All the sender has to do is notify the recipient about the money order. It’s the responsibility of the recipient to pick up the money order at the cash office.

What type of money transfer should you choose?

The easiest, fastest, and most reliable method of money transfer is online money transfer. It involves sending or receiving money anywhere across the world instantly via an online remittance service provider such as XE.

For a small fee, you can easily send money abroad to anyone including your spouse, friends, loved ones, colleagues, employers or even your own account in another country. The online remittance service provider you choose (hint, hint, we recommend choosing Xe) will complete the transaction via their secured web-based platform so your recipient can get the money in no time at all.

What makes online money transfer such a great method? Well…

Why should you choose online money transfer over the other methods?

These are the key benefits of sending money via online money transfer:

  • It’s fast, secure, and safe

How soon do you want your recipient to get the money you want to send over to them? If you choose an online money transfer service, your recipient will get the money quickly, making it the best choice when you’re on a deadline. Online money transfer isn’t just fast, it’s also secure and convenient. The process is simple and will take you just a couple of minutes on the phone or online, and your money and information will be secure during its trip around the world. Even more, if your money isn’t transferred or delivered for whatever reason, the money transfer company will inform you and help you to resolve the situation. If you ever need a fast, secure, and safe method of sending money or payments abroad, money transfer is the best option.

  • You won’t pay as much in service charges

Money transfer is the cheapest method of sending money to anyone or making payments either locally or abroad. If you choose the bank-to-bank method of transferring money or use a third-party agent, you’ll end up paying a lot of fees. This is mostly because banks and third-party agents have a larger overhead cost which they transfer to their customers in form of charges. And those upfront transfer fees aren’t the only extra cost—you’ll also get a worse exchange rate, and could be charged additional hidden fees during the transaction. Those costs add up!

In contrast, online money transfer service providers only charge a small sum, and you’ll always know what you’re paying before you confirm the money transfer. So, if you’re interested in paying a lot less for a faster and safer money transfer method, use an online money transfer service like Xe.

  • There’s no paperwork!

Did you just breathe a sigh of relief? Online money transfer doesn’t involve any paperwork. You wouldn’t have to bother about filling paper forms or stacking paper receipts as proof of transactions. You can easily complete all your transactions online without any paper and you can view your transactions history anytime you want. And as an added bonus, if you’re planning to send multiple money transfers to the same recipient, we’ll securely save their information (and yours) for quick transfers in the future.

  • You can get dedicated service

Have you ever had any reason to transfer money during an emergency in the middle of the night or while you’re busy at work? Going to the bank at such hours or even a third-party agent isn’t an option. But with online money transfer, you can easily initiate a money transfer at any hour of the day or night, without even getting out of bed. Online money transfer services have no opening or closing hours. Rather, they are available 24/7 to help you initiate whatever transaction you want. More so, customer support is often available 24/7 as well, making the online money transfer a more convenient option.

  • It’s efficient

If you decide to send money via a bank, here’s what you’ll have to do:

  1. Go to the bank. (Hope you remembered to get your recipient’s information beforehand!)

  2. Wait in line. (Who knows how long that’ll take?)

  3. Once you reach a teller, fill out the transfer paperwork. (Already sent a transfer to this person, at this location? Doesn’t matter.)

Online money transfers have no wait time, and no queues. You’re not required to leave the spot you are in or visit any location to make a money transfer. The entire process is easy, dependable, and efficient.

  • It’s user-friendly

Using an online money transfer platform doesn’t require any skill or knowledge. Rather, online money transfer platforms are user-friendly, easier to navigate and use for any type of money transfer without the assistance of anyone or a third-party. This makes the entire user experience a very positive one giving you the opportunity to complete as many transactions as you want.

Interested in sending money with Xe? Take just 3 minutes to see what you’ll need to do.

Why choose Xe Money Transfer?

  • Sending money via Xe is fast, convenient, user-friendly, and secure.

  • Money transfers are completed within 1-4 business days, but often complete within 24 hours (or less).

  • You’ll get competitive exchange rates for your money.

  • You can transfer money to over 130 countries.

  • You can download the Xe mobile app on AppStore or Google Play and transfer money on the go.

  • Enjoy expert customer support for all transactions and inquiries

  • No hidden fees.

When you make a money transfer through Xe, you can trust that your money will reach its destination quickly, securely, and with no hidden fees.

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