treasuryXL and Nomentia would like to invite you to join us for an exciting live session on the topic of:

Treasury Trends for 2024

Building on the success of last year’s edition, we’ve again assembled a panel of seasoned experts. Explore the imminent trends set to shape the Treasury landscape in 2024 and how these trends will affect all treasurers’ work.

The event will feature a panel of expert industry leaders:

Pieter de Kiewit
, treasuryXL ambassador and Managing Director of Treasurer Search, will serve as the moderator, guiding the discussion on the following topics:


  • Cash flow forecasting in volatile macroeconomic times

  • Nourishing treasury to attract and retain talent

  • Treasury reporting at the push of a button, is it a myth or reality?

  • Treasury processes – automate, automate, and automate. What are the processes you can automate, and how?

  • The use of real-time data in daily cash management

  • AI – where is it already used, and what are the future use cases

Thursday, November 23

Start: 10.30 am CET

Duration: 45 minutes

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