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Having a hard time dealing with complex and time-consuming RFP processes?

Recently we announced our partnership with Treasury Delta. Treasury Delta has brought to market a platform that connects corporates, banks and treasury vendors with regard to corporate treasury RFP transactions.

The platform has effectively digitised a corporate treasury tender/RFP making it really easy for corporates to now go-to market.

Treasury Delta’s unrivalled B2B solution facilitates a much simpler and hassle-free form of engagement between corporates, their advisors, banks and TMS vendors thereby, saving all parties time and money.

A company will no longer have to go through a very manual and time consuming tender process and similarly, banks and TMS vendors will not have to read and try and comprehend such lengthy documents and spreadsheets which can be extremely confusing and very frustrating for all stakeholders!

Treasury Delta has simplified the process and removed several friction points on the customer journey where only pertinent information is exchanged between the various parties in a clear and structured format.

The key benefit for all stakeholders in using the platform is operational efficiency as Treasury Delta’s digital solution provides for a much more efficient and economic process throughout the various stages.

How does it work?

Treasury Delta will work directly with a corporate client and their advisor to design a bespoke solution as each corporate will have unique treasury requirements.

When the corporate is ready to go-to-market/issue a RFP they simply populate the relevant information for their treasury requirement and submit to their chosen vendors on the platform.

The vendors will then sign in to the web application, digest all the information and respond through the platform with their bespoke offering. The next stage for the corporate and their advisor will be to commence their evaluation and selection. Treasury Delta does not get involved in the analysis stage and remains completely impartial at all times.

Top 5 reasons for corporates to use Treasury Delta

  1. Market Offers – Through the platform your organisation will receive market pricing along with all the other necessary information from vendors to evaluate the offerings.
  2. Operational Efficiency – By using Treasury Delta’s digital technology the process will be carried out in a more efficient and cost-effective way saving all your stakeholders significant time and hassle.
  3. Corporate Governance – The platform is an excellent procurement fit and your organisation will have full autonomy regarding your users access rights and privileges.
  4. Proprietary Platform – Treasury Delta will design a bespoke solution for your company at a low cost and work closely with you in order to present your firm with a real and compelling value proposition from the marketplace.
  5. Board of Directors Reassurance – By displaying full transparency of all results within the platform it provides your Board of Directors with assurance that your organisation is achieving the most competitive offers from the marketplace.

Can’t wait to make your life as a corporate treasurer easier while saving time and money?

Please register your interest and we will arrange a free demo without any obligations.

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