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VENLO, The Netherlands, November 5, 2020 – treasuryXL, the community platform for everyone who is active in the world of treasury, and Treasury Delta, an Irish FinTech company, which has brought to market an innovative platform that uses digital technology to connect companies, banks and treasury management system vendors with regard to RFP type transactions, today announced the signature of a collaboration.

As a marketplace, treasuryXL will offer Treasury Delta market commentary and insight to its audience. Offering a continuous flow of relevant treasury content, making treasury knowledge available, results in treasuryXL being the obvious go-to platform for its’ audience.

Treasury Delta brings a unique offering and very clear value proposition to the marketplace which will be of real interest to corporates.  The platform will save all stakeholders that are involved in a treasury RFP transaction significant time and hassle. By using digital technology Treasury Delta acts as a conduit between the corporate and the various vendors with the primary objective of simplifying and streamlining the transaction. The corporate will ultimately decide on the transaction they go-to-market with and which vendors they want to receive offers from.  Each corporate will receive a bespoke solution from Treasury Delta depending on the treasury requirement they need to fulfill.

treasuryXL and Treasury Delta strive for a fruitful partnership where its’ audience needs are always at the forefront and clients are always up to date with the latest news and events in the treasury field, benefit from innovative solutions, services and expertise.

According to Padraig Brosnan, Founder & CEO at Treasury Delta, “It’s great to partner with treasuryXL where there is a clear complementary fit and together we can offer a niche service to corporates in The Netherlands.  We’ve always had a warm and close working relationship with The Dutch, having being selected by Startupbootcamp in 2017 for their FinTech accelerator programme, and now there’s a real opportunity with treasuryXL to propel Treasury Delta to the next level.”

“Treasury Delta is a great addition to our treasury community and offers a unique and innovative solution. The critical RFP process has always been time-consuming, especially in times like these where an onsite visit seems impossible. Treasury Delta simplifies the RFP process for corporates, banks and TMS providers which has always been a very problematic and complex area for these counterparties. We can’t wait to share the Treasury Delta solution with the treasuryXL community and gain better understanding of the process that will make the life of a treasurer much easier.”  says Kendra Keydeniers, Director Community & Partners at treasuryXL.

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About treasuryXL

treasuryXL started in 2016 as a community platform for everyone who is active in the world of treasury. Their audiences are mainly coming from large corporates, mid-sized companies, treasury consultancies, universities and so on. They are proud of their extensive and highly qualified network consisting out of dedicated treasury experts and business partners who are involved, in some way, with treasury.

treasuryXL brings the treasury function to a higher level, both for the inner circle: corporate treasurers, bankers and consultants, as well as others that might benefit: CFO’s, business owners, other people from the CFO Team and educators.

treasuryXL offers:

  • professionals the chance to publish their expertise, opinions, success stories, distribute these and stimulate dialogue.
  • a labour market platform by creating an overview of vacancies, events and treasury education.
  • a variety of consultancy services in collaboration with qualified treasurers.
  • a broad network of highly valued partners and experts.

About Treasury Delta

Treasury Delta is an Irish based FinTech company that has brought to market a platform that has effectively digitised a corporate treasury RFP between corporates, their advisors and banks/TMS vendors.

Their core theme is all around collaboration whereby they assist all parties to conduct transactions in a more efficient and cost-effective way using digital technology. By simplifying and streamlining the process it saves all stakeholders time and money.

The platform can be used by corporates and/or their advisors for transactions in cash management and treasury management system selection. Treasury Delta’s role is to facilitate the transaction and remains completely impartial at all times.

Treasury Delta are part of Startupbootcamps’ alumni and hold a very close and warm relationship with them and other investors and stakeholders in The Netherlands.



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