Tips & Tricks for optimizing Forecasting & Working capital

| 30-06-2021 | Cashforce |

The economy is poised for a rebound due to pent-up household demand coupled with historically low inventories. Businesses need to start preparing for the surge in orders and ensure they can sufficiently manage working capital and continue to finance their operations in the most efficient way.

Automating key elements of the Order-to-Cash process will allow businesses to absorb this revenue growth with their existing resources, while generating greater sums of liquidity — ensuring they can stay on top of their cash conversion cycles without the need for expensive and risky borrowing.

Watch Rob Harvey from Sidetrade alongside Nicolas Christiaen, CEO & Co-founder of Cashforce.

A few key points discussed in this session:

  • The importance of thinking about the process first to understand your cash flow drivers and to define what you want to measure.
  • Key to automating your processes is to start small, land & expand.
  • Create synergies by effectively combining cash & working capital data.
  • Building the business case internally by calculating the different aspects that bring ROI.

Are you ready for the economy to bounce back?

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