treasuryXL and Kyriba hosted an engaging live session titled “The Impact of Economic Events on Working Capital Management.” The session aimed to analyze how economic events, such as recessions, pandemics, and geopolitical tensions, affect working capital management, and how businesses can adapt their strategies accordingly.

The event kicked off with a discussion about the importance of working capital management (WCM) for businesses. It was highlighted that WCM is not only a metric of a company’s operational efficiency but also crucial for its financial stability and success. The role of treasurers in managing working capital was emphasized, with some treasurers having direct responsibilities in WCM, while others take on advisory roles.

The session featured industry experts who shared their experiences and insights on managing working capital in today’s rapidly changing economic landscape. The panelists discussed key principles and strategies for effective WCM. The audience also had the opportunity to participate in a Q&A session.

Sugandha Singhal, a treasuryXL expert and Vice President & Head of Treasury at SRF, emphasized the need for agility in treasury and the importance of technology in achieving it. She stated, “Treasury has to become agile, which is not possible without technology.” Sugandha also highlighted the significance of measurement and monitoring in improving WCM, stating, “As a Treasurer, what you cannot measure, what you cannot monitor, you cannot improve.”

Patrick Kunz, treasuryXL expert and owner of Pecunia Treasury and Finance, emphasized the evolving role of cash and its impact on WCM. He stated, “Cash is still King? No, Cash is emperor now!” Patrick emphasized that cash remains a starting point, but working capital is the way to look forward. He also emphasized the importance of stakeholders and technology in treasury operations, stating, “A treasurer without stakeholders and technology, I wouldn’t know how to do the treasury.”

Matteo Greco, the Product Marketing Director at Kyriba, highlighted interest rates as a major topic in the current economic landscape. He added, “Interest rates are definitely the major topic as of today, but I would add a few more,” indicating that there are other crucial factors to consider in WCM. During the session, he shed light on these additional key considerations.

The session was moderated by Pieter de Kiewit, a treasuryXL ambassador and the owner of Treasurer Search. The panelists’ insights and experiences provided attendees with valuable knowledge and perspectives on managing working capital effectively in the face of economic events.

In summary, the live session provided valuable insights into the significance of effective working capital management, the role of technology and stakeholders in treasury operations, and the need for agility and adaptability in today’s economic landscape. The speakers’ quotes captured the essence of the discussion, emphasizing the significance of measurement, technology, and the evolving role of cash in WCM.

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