Cash Manager, Spanish speaker @ Treasurer Search

| 25-09-2019 | treasuryXL |


  • Monitor and manage global liquidity;
  • Communicate frequently with finance colleagues of global subsidiaries, banks and auditors, especially but not only in Spanish speaking countries;
  • Manage compliance with internal and external regulations. Give extra attention to KYC, AML and sanctions;
  • Big ticket payments and monitoring of other payments, analyse flows, analyse and report;
  • International bank relationship management, build and maintain the banking infrastructure;
  • Help managing the various international credit lines;
  • Back up of colleagues and various projects.


The profile of the ideal candidate for this position covers at least three aspects. First he has experience in (most of) the described tasks in a corporate environment. Bankers will be considered. Second he is a strong communicator with a strong sense of responsibility and flexibility. Third he is a Spanish speaker.


Our client is a small headquarter of an industrial company with operations on four continents. From a banking and treasury perspective our client works in demanding environments: currencies, infrastructure and legal requirements are different from what we know from our Wester European market. The small team is stable, committed and non-Dutch (though the team members do speak English and often also Dutch). Team members cooperate but also have their individual tasks they can focus on.


The expected maximum base salary for this position is €60K. The cash manager can pick up extra tasks over time, our client will support training. Climbing the hierarchy is, given the size of the entity, not to be expected.




Pieter de Kiewit
T: +31 (0)85 086 67 98
M: +31 (0)6 1111 9783

Spotlight: Treasury Operations Associate @ Treasurer Search

| 18-09-2019 | treasuryXL |


From the bank’s back office you will be in constant contact with the front & mid office, legal, finance and risk. You will manage a variety of financial market products like bonds, swaps, spot and NDF transactions. You will do payments, settlements and collateral management using various systems. All this in various, sometimes very exotic countries that use international and local regulatory standards.


The ideal candidate for this position has at least two years of relevant back office and/or treasury accounting experience. His track record covers extensive systems experience and he is a skilled Excel (and preferably VBA) user. He is ready to take initiative and cover a broader set of tasks. He is interested in financial markets but does not want to work in the front office. Communication with in- and external parties is easy for the ideal treasury operations associate and routine is not what he is looking for.


Our client is an international niche bank, big enough to operate professionally and small enough so staff members can have real impact. Helping the world developing in a better place is what this bank is about, the company culture is different from the bigger banks.


The expected maximum base salary for this position is €60K. Our client offers excellent fringe benefits. Our client is open for candidates with all nationalities but expects them to already live in The Netherlands. A more extensive job description is available for candidates that are interested and a match.

If you want to apply, please inform us extensively about your systems experience.


The Hague


Pieter de Kiewit
T: +31 (0)85 086 67 98
M: +31 (0)6 1111 9783

Highlighted partner: Treasurer Search

| 3-7-2018 | treasuryXL |

Over the last two years treasuryXL built a community with and for corporate treasurers and all interested in the profession. Starting from the Netherlands our network expands into surrounding countries and we cooperate with more and more partner organizations. In the summer months we will present the most prominent ones.

Treasurer Search

In 2009 Pieter de Kiewit founded Treasurer Search after an international career of 15 years in consultancy and management of two prominent recruitment companies. In the first he learned about executive search of, amongst others, group treasurers of listed firms. In the second he was responsible for building a number of international subsidiaries of the Dutch market leader in the mid segment recruitment market. The German the most prominent one. Approaching 40, he decided to continue as entrepreneur.

Treasurer Search finds candidates for interim assignments and permanent positions. From graduate level to group treasurer of a listed firm. Clients are headquarters of large corporates, international treasury hubs, treasury consultants, non-profit organizations and some companies in financial services. In the Netherlands and increasingly international: recent recruitment has been done in Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland. Job types include cash & treasury operations management, risk, corporate & project finance, treasury IT and treasury control.

By now, Team Treasurer Search holds 6 members, 3 of them recruitment consultant. With their niche market approach they invest in thorough job content expertise and a very warm network. Over 90% of the placed candidates already had a meeting with Treasurer Search before the assignment was landed where he or she started in. The team is stable, something the recruitment industry is not known for.

Having a keen interest in what’s happening in treasury and knowing not each contact with a candidate and client can be about job openings, Treasurer Search takes a proactive network role. Most often as a courtesy Treasurer Search connects people with expertise with those seeking treasury knowledge. For this team members are in constant contact with educators, professional bodies and other suppliers of treasury solutions. All this makes Treasurer Search an obvious partner of treasuryXL.

For more information check out:

Pieter de Kiewit / +31 6 1111 9783

Pieter de Kiewit



Pieter de Kiewit
Owner Treasurer Search


What corporate treasury can learn from corporate insurance

15-06-2018 | Treasurer Search | TreasuryXL |

Last week Treasurer Search sent it’s monthly newsletter that included below article. Not all people in the market will think the same as the author, but we think it is definitely an interesting way of looking at our insurance colleagues.


One of the many benefits of being a recruiter is that every meeting is a lecture of an expert about his professional life and developments. An excellent way to learn and keep up-to-date. Every second week I try to transfer this knowledge to my colleagues in Team Treasurer Search and the risk topic often gets attention. I also want to share my observations about insurance and treasury with you.

First, perhaps a bit cynical, why is corporate insurance reporting to the group treasurer more often? The importance and professional level of insurance is increasing, this is also acknowledged by CFOs. To prevent their span of control becoming too big, they delegate the profession to legal, procurement and recently often to treasury. Many treasurers are not motivated by insurance tasks and ignore the overlap that exists. Traditionally the risk types “market risk” and “liquidity risk” create primary tasks for treasury departments that often motivate the candidates I meet. Recently counterparty or credit risk gets a bigger role, not only with financial services companies. My recent conversations with corporate insurance managers brought me new insights in how risk can be analysed and managed.

In previous blogs I wrote that “new school treasurers” distinguish themselves by better connecting with their business partners and provide understandable solutions that make sales, operations and finance happy. Insurance managers were already forced to talk with the business their whole life. If an insurance manager does not understand what his business partners do, he will not be able to make a proper assessment of the risk. And that does include all types of risk: staff getting sick, goods not being supplied, tornados, computer viruses, politicians starting embargos, etcetera. They are closer to enterprise risk managers than treasurers are. By now there are practical and scientific strategies to mitigate various risk types. Insurance managers know.

In my perception treasurers can learn from insurance how to connect to business partners and help them finding solutions for complex and diverse problems. Do you think me setting them on a pedestal is right or am I too positive?

If you want to find out more about Treasurer Search and their services visit their company profile on treasuryXL.