Simplify your global business payments

18-11-2021| treasuryXL | XE | LinkedIn


Whether your business needs to process 3 or 150 international payments a month, learn how you can make payments to 220+ countries within your own business applications, and benefit from:

• Faster automated payment processes
• Savings using bank-beating exchange rates
• More accurate reporting by eliminating manual errors
• Secure transactions by validating payment data before it’s sent
• Transparency by receive tracking and reporting of each payment to its destination
• Flexibility to send to multiple currencies in a single file upload

Xe enables you to achieve everything a third-party payment provider has to offer, directly from your own business applications.


5 reasons why integrating Xe Global Business Payments into your own business applications will help power your business:

1. Improve your Financial Reporting
Xe Global Payments within your own business platform allows you to automatically reconcile foreign currency exchange rates directly at time of transaction. This means no more duplication or transferal of data from one application to another. Greater accuracy means greater transparency and visibility on your financial reporting, enabling you to make more confident business decisions.

2. Protect supply chain relationships and staff in overseas offices
If you are paying suppliers overseas, you want to ensure that your supply chain is protected, that you have full visibility on expenses so that your customer base is not impacted by any delays or rise in cost. And if you need to pay staff overseas you want to ensure they receive the right amount, on time, every time. By using Xe Global Business Payments within your own platform, any errors with bank account details are immediately highlighted, giving you time to rectify any costly mistakes.

3. Stop paying more than you should
Xe’s preferential exchange rates typically save you typically more money than if you used your bank for your business global payments. When you streamline your payment processes using Xe Global Business Payments in your own application, you are saving time on every overseas payment. That means you can save both time and money.

4. Improve speed and accuracy of high-volume, time-sensitive payments
It’s so important to have strict data verification and validation processes. We verify payments before they’re sent, so we can quickly flag any unsuccessful payments. For example, our system has a table of rules for each of the different payout currencies we offer. If you uploaded a payment to Brazil without a bank CLABE number, it would tell you it’s missing. Sending certain currencies can be extremely problematic, so we take out the guess work and make sure payments get where they need to go.

5. Get the right specialist support
A solution can only be as good as the support it offers. At Xe, we understand the daily challenges global Finance functions face. Our support team establishes a good rapport with clients and get to grips with the practical and technical elements of resolving problems quickly and efficiently. Our experts are available around the clock, to resolve issues no matter where clients are located or what time zone they’re in.

By using Xe Global Payments within your Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Sage Intacct applications, you can streamline your international payments process, and benefit from quality customer service and support from Xe’s front and back-end operations.