How to tackle RFPs and selection of Treasury Technology and Cash Management systems

By treasuryXL

29-03-2023 | treasuryXL | LinkedIn |

Last week treasuryXL hosted a live session about the latest FinTech solutions that are revolutionizing the corporate treasury landscape.

The live session, expertly moderated by Pieter de Kiewit, was an energizing and insightful experience. Two industry heavyweights in Corporate Treasury, François Masquelier and Chris van Dijl, brought their extensive knowledge to the discussion, making it a truly informative event.

One hot topic that caught everyone’s attention were the problems around selection of treasury technology and cash management systems. During the live session, François and Chris showcased numerous potential solutions in this area. Among them, Treasury Delta, a FinTech company stood out. As outlined in the soundbites this niche FinTech uses digital technology to simplify and streamline processes between all parties when it comes to rfps and complex corporate treasury transactions.

To summarise it for you, please watch the highlights of the discussion below. These discussions struck a chord with the audience and generated a lot of interest and engagement from the treasuryXL community, prompting several follow-up questions and requests for more information.

Watch the highlights

Brief Speaker


01:10 min

3 Processes That Need

To Be Digitised

02:18 min

Choosing Technology


03:01 min

Fintech Innovation 


Emerging Players

02:00 min

Collaboration Between

Fintechs &

Treasury Advisory Firms

06:08 min




00:42 min

If you want to find out more about this and how your organisation can benefit please reach out to the team at treasuryXL.

Watch the full recording of the Live Session HERE.