How Fintech Is Revolutionizing Corporate Treasury

By treasuryXL

23-03-2023 | treasuryXL | LinkedIn |


How Fintech Is Revolutionizing Corporate Treasury


What new and exciting innovations are happening in the corporate treasury marketplace and how are FinTech’s playing a role in this space?

As a corporate treasurer or industry participant you know the banking and treasury landscape is changing rapidly and technology is becoming a game-changer. However, it can be overwhelming to keep up with the latest developments.
Join the discussion and hear real and unique insights from industry experts.


  • François Masquelier, CEO, Simply Treasury
  • Chris van Dijl, CEO, Blokken
  • Pieter de Kiewit (moderator), CEO, Treasurer Search

Topics to discuss

The live session will be centered around the following themes

  • Innovations in corporate treasury that have caught your eye in the last year?
  • What FinTech’s have impressed you?
  • How do corporate treasurers benefit from such innovations?
  • What is the market view from other stakeholder like treasury advisory firms, banks and TMS vendors?
  • Where do you see this corporate treasury – Fintech innovation going?

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