Recently, the VU made an announcement regarding the program Treasury Management & Corporate Finance. It now features a new modular setup, divided into three independent semester modules that can be taken separately. This modular structure offers flexibility for students to tailor their learning experience.  To go deeper into this change, we had the opportunity to interview Robert Dekker.

Interview VU

Enjoy these insights about the new modular setup and its benefits!

 1. Can you tell us more about the renewed postgraduate program in Treasury Management & Corporate Finance at VU?

The program is now split into three separate semester modules, offering flexibility in timing and interests. Each module lasts 5 months and grants a certificate upon successful completion. By completing all three modules, you’ll earn the title of Registered Treasurer (RT). The program combines Treasury Management, Risk Management, and Corporate Finance, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience. We made these changes to provide more options and enhance the program’s quality for aspiring professionals.

The curriculum consists of 3-semester modules that cover these subdisciplines:

  • Corporate Financial Risk Management
  • Cash and Treasury Operations
  • Corporate Finance & Valuation

2. What prompted the decision to change it into a modular setup? 

We would like to offer more flexibility to potential students and offer specific semester modules to specific target groups. For instance, there are students only interested in Financial Risk Management or Corporate Finance. With this set up we can accommodate those requests.

3. How does the new modular setup of the program provide flexibility for participants? Could you explain how it works?

Students can follow semester modules sequentially or take a break/skip a semester and continue. In this way, students can finish the program in several years instead of in 1,5 years.

4. The first module, Corporate Financial Risk Management, is scheduled to start in September 2023. What should interested professionals do now to sign up for this module? 

To sign up for the first module, Corporate Financial Risk Management, starting on September 1, 2023, I recommend visiting our website. There, you’ll find comprehensive information about this module, as well as details about other semester modules in the Treasury Management & Corporate Finance program and the RT program.

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