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Corporates use Cobase to manage their bank accounts at many different banks. The platform can connect with almost every bank in the world. What are the main features of this platform?

The most important features on the platform are a payment hub with configurable payment formats, powerful account reporting with balance and transaction information, and a flexible user administration. Alerts can be sent via email or sms. Transaction screening is implemented to assure compliance and as part of integral risk management. A Robo Assistant and In-House Bank solution are also available

Overview Features: Cobase for Corporates

Platform with optional modules

Corporates can use the Cobase solution primarily as a payment hub with strong bank connectivity or add modules and use it as a full Cash Management or Treasury Management system.

ERP systems

Just one connection from the ERP system to Cobase, and from there we take care of all the technical connections with the banks, including file transformations if needed.


Many different types of payment formats are supported. Cobase can very easily adopt and support new types of payment formats. Data transformation is one of the key features.


Log on to the multibank portal with a secure app or token. Use a variety of modules on the platform. Immediately see the most relevant information on a dashboard or navigate to one of the modules. Manage bank accounts of many different banks, all from one place.


Many different types of balance and transaction reporting formats are supported. Cobase can very easily adopt and support new reporting format types. Data transformation is one of the key features.

In-house banking

Intercompany accounts can be set up. Cash pooling transactions can automatically be tagged. Intercompany bookings can be used to reduce the number of physical payments. Automatically maintain the intercompany loan administration and calculate interest positions at self-defined rates.

User administration

The entire user administration is fully managed in one central place, harmonized for all banks and no dependency anymore on the banks. Standard audit reports can be generated for periodic reviews or filing.


Netting is supported as part of the In-house banking module and can be used to minimize the number of required credit and debit transactions.

Cash pooling (planned)

Supports multibank funding and sweeping. Accounts across different banks can be linked and target balances can be set. Let the system transfer funds between accounts to optimize cash balances.

Liquidity Forecasting

Liquidity Forecasting helps to optimize liquidity. Short-term and mid-term forecasting of cash flow and account balances is based on actual bank balances, high level budgets, uncommitted and committed transactions. Manage balances, fund accounts timely, prevent operational issues with insufficient funds – optimize currency positions and liquidity in general.

Foreign Exchange

Trade FX products (spot, forward, swap), calculate FX exposure and automatically hedge it. Define your FX hedge policy. Budget, uncommitted and committed transactions can be entered into the system. Automatic calculation of required hedging based on policy and exposure. Requests for quotes are automatically prepared and offered prices can be accepted immediately to close a deal. Standard settlement instructions can be configured and prepared.

Audit trail

Everything an end user or the system itself does, is automatically recorded in an audit trail. Any significant change is stored and can be queried. It’s always clear who did what and when.

Robo Assistant

The Robo Assistant is a key module for RPA (robotic process automation). It can be configured to continuously monitor user defined business rules and execute preconfigured actions if needed.


Push alerts can be sent when important events occur. A lot of flexibility is provided to configure these alerts.

Transaction Screening

Cobase is regulated by the Dutch Central Bank and therefor has proper sanction screening and transaction screening in place.


More features are planned on the Cobase roadmap. For example, Cobase scheduled to add modules for Loan Portfolio Management and Bank Guarantees.

Bank Connections

Cobase has connections with more than 100 banks around the world. In most cases we can add connections with banks that are not connected yet. Contact us if you would like to know more.