At Cobase, we believe that corporate banking can be made much simpler and more efficient than it is today, especially in the area of payments and cash management.

Our multibank platform is unique because it combines the services of Payment Hubs, Service Bureaus and Treasury Management Systems all in one solution. Typical end-users are CFO, Treasurer, Cash Manager, Financial Controller, AP or AR departments and other financial functions.

Cobase can connect to almost 15.000 banks worldwide via SWIFT, H2H, EBICS and APIs. We have established more than 200+ bank connections for our clients in 80+ countries (and growing). Many different formats and protocols are supported.  Clients can make use of the Cobase SWIFT BIC. This saves time and costs and it provides capabilities that otherwise would not be available to you.

The IT impact on your organization is minimal. Cobase takes away all the complexity of bank connectivity and manages the solution for you in our highly secured cloud environment.

It’s a SaaS based solution with a low total cost of ownership. Monthly costs are based on actual usage, so you only pay for what you really use

Contrary to IT-only providers, Cobase is licensed by the Dutch Central bank as a payment service provider (PSD2/AISP/PISP), providing comfort and trust to both our clients and the banks we connect with.

Basic yet powerful integration between a company’s cloud based ERP system and banks.  Bank accounts are connected in a secure way to send payment files and receive electronic bank statements.

Powerful solution for companies that need extensive bank connectivity. Connect ERP systems and manage bank accounts via one central portal with one central user administration and flexible workflows.

All functionality of the Payment Hub plus optional modules for efficient day-to-day treasury management such as FX management, liquidity forecasting, in-house banking and cash pooling.


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Cobase regularly organizes webinars for those who are interested in their solution. In just one hour they give an introduction, present a live demo and share their product roadmap.

During the online webinar, you can ask questions as you need or just watch if you prefer. For any further information after the webinar, you can simply request a 1:1 meeting or demo, to discuss your specific requirements.

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