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26-05-2020 | Bertus van de Kamp | treasuryXL

In the upcoming weeks, you will meet some of the treasuryXL Experts more personally. We will publish interviews, in which we reflect upon their Treasury journey , their experiences and the challenges they faced.

This week, you meet Bertus van de Kamp, Senior Business Consultant and owner of Van de Kamp Consultancy. Bertus has more than 25 years of experience as Cash management Consultant with a leading bank in the Netherlands in the Mid- and Large Corporate segment. Since a couple of years he works as an independent consultant. He underwrites the importance of a well designed and managed cash-conversion-cycle, sees the interaction with his environment as one of his strengths and is very structured in his work. Next to this he is very interested in recent developments with regard to e.g. Blockchain, Open Banking and Instant Payments.


We asked him 9 questions, let’s go!

1. How did your treasury journey start?

In my over 30 year working with a Dutch bank I learned to know the Treasury business when I was active as Transaction Banker for the Corporate Market.

2. What do you like about working in Treasury?

I really enjoyed working as Transaction Banker for Corporate Clients and advising them to get better insights in their cash and currency positions and structuring their international Trade Business.

3. What is your expertise in the field of Treasury?

My experience with Treasury consists mainly of advising clients on how to hedge their currency and interest risks. Next to this I provided an RFP for a client for a Treasury Management System and guided the complete selection process.

4. Do you have examples of risk mitigation, creation of opportunities and/or cost savings?

I advised companies to set up international cash pools and get more insights in their cash flow via Electronic banking platforms, Payment Hubs or Treasury Management Systems (TMS)

5. What has been your best experience in your treasury career until today?

For a company I accompanied the selection of a TMS via a Request for Proposal

6. What has been your biggest challenge? Can you share your story

My biggest challenge has been to guide the complete RFP process for the Treasury Management System for the client mentioned before. Together with the client I composed the RFP and we selected five suppliers to fill in the RFP. After they completed the RFP we invited all five for a live demo. After judging the demos we made a selection of two of them. These two suppliers were invited to make a final offer and finally the best proposal has been chosen

7. What’s the most important lesson that you’ve learned in your career?

During my career I learned that honesty and real attention for your clients does pay off. By listening actively and attentively to the clients I learned to know what their questions and problems were and gave them a sincere answer, even if this did not answer their questions or solve their problems.
What I learned with respect to Treasury and Cash management in particular is that companies are not always aware of the importance of a good overview of the liquidity position of their business. In my opinion a company has to be able to get, with a ‘push on the button’, immediate insight in their cash position and even better their total cash conversion cycle

8. How have you seen the role of Corporate Treasury evolve over the years?

In my opinion it has become a more ‘technical’ role, where a Treasurer not only has to cope with cash-, currency-, interest- and/or loan positions within their company, but also with all kind of technical applications (bank, trade, treasury, ERP and so on) and their inter connectivity. Not to forget the recent developments with cloud services, API’s and blockchain.

9. The coronavirus is undoubtedly an unprecedented crisis. In general, can you elaborate on the impact this virus has on treasury from your perspective?

Corona leads to strong falls in turn-over and because of that to problems with the cashflow of companies. Every treasury department will have to focus on improving the cashflow and be aware of the risks of a negative cashflow


Senior Business Consultant
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