Interesting apples and oranges a.k.a. the Dutch Fintech Awards

|18-4-2017 | Pieter de Kiewit

One of my friends who works in human capital development and is a psychologist, explained me once how we can increase our creative output. One of the elements he mentioned was mixing up the way information comes to you and how you digest it. For example, if you are used to create business plans  sitting behind your desk and writing, a multi-person brainstorm session might tap into your undiscovered creative potential. And the other way around: if you are talker/listener, try writing for a change.

Bearing this in mind, I always try to combine personal meetings, with calls, with reading, events and so on. For the people who know me: I am always behind on my reading. So much to read, so little time! Events and personal meetings get my creative juices flowing. Today I trained MBA students of RSM in their labour market approach, very inspiring. And I look forward to the Dutch Fintech Awards that are organized shortly.

Dutch FinTech Awards

Being a recruiter with a focus on corporate treasury, I have tried to find the Fintech Awards contenders with a relevance for the corporate treasury community. This is not as obvious as it seems, only a few are. I do not envy the jury of this event. Categorizing the contenders is almost impossible, let alone judging them. Comparing blokchain insurance with video financial services sales and a crowdfunding platform with easy on-line payments, is comparing apples with oranges. One thing is clear: some of the potential award winners are very good at attracting social media attention.

Despite their diversity, each of the companies tells a different inspiring story. Some of them are about cutting edge technology, some of them are about understanding potential clients, others are about smart entrepreneurship. One thing I am sure of is that the level of creativity of the entrepreneurs will be extremely high. I am ready to be inspired and will inform you in my review blog afterwards.

On 21 April the Dutch FinTech Awards will take place in Utrecht. A day with many international keynote speakers, provoking master classes and pitches by the Dutch FinTech 50. Make sure you register today and join this unique opportunity to meet 300 International FinTech stakeholders. Via treasuryXL you can get a discount on the regular ticket. More information

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