How to stay ahead of emerging threats

| 03-10-2019 | treasuryXL | BELLIN

Cyber Fraud and Treasury
Company-wide strategies to understand and mitigate cyber fraud risk

Cyber fraud represents a rapidly-evolving threat. It is essential for treasury departments to be aware of the new types of fraud that are emerging because of online technologies. The global nature of cyber crime means every business must make sure that security systems are watertight. Gangs can now conspire to defraud corporations from different countries and jurisdictions across the globe.

Royston Da Costa of Ferguson Group assisted in drafting this immersive white paper titled “Cyber Fraud and Treasury: How to Stay Ahead of Emerging Threats,” which highlights how to prevent cyber fraud and the strategies on combating it. The white paper covers:

  • Cyber fraud consequences
  • Most common types of cyber fraud
  • How to prevent cyber fraud
  • How to respond to cyber fraud