How to combat Payment Fraud

| 29-3-2017 | Mark van de Griendt | sponsored content |


Payment Fraud is one of the biggest threats to a treasurers’ reputation and career path in an organization. One of the most common ways to reduce payment fraud is to reduce human intervention and to increase the levels of automation in payment structures. With cyber-attacks and payment fraud regularly making headlines, treasurers must be vigilant in safeguarding financial assets. Only 19% of treasurers list cybersecurity as a critical concern. By contrast, 45% of CFOs name cybersecurity as a priority, pointing to a significant misalignment in CFO and treasury agendas in this regard (PWC Global, 2017).

That is why it’s really important for treasurers to know what they can do to reduce payment fraud. There are two ways to lower the risk of payment fraud in payment processing:

  • Increase the level of Straight Through Processing
  • Implement a Payment Hub

Higher level of Straight Through Processing
Corporates sometimes have hundreds of banking relationships and thousands of bank accounts, all managed manually on spreadsheets. Redesigning these treasury processes based on STP creates an integrated treasury workflow that streamlines processes effectively and provides treasurers with timely access to financial information. No more manual entries, no more errors.

Implementing a Payment Hub
A centralized payment platform combats payment fraud while also ensuring treasurers of having the money they need to manage day-to-day business obligations.

Some key benefits include:

  • Centralized monitoring and control
  • Flexibility and efficiency in payments
  • Reduced banking costs
  • Global Visibility
  • Easy access and more transparency

Please refer to our company page on treasuryXL or contact Mark van de Griendt if you’d like to receive more information about reducing payment fraud by a corporate payment hub.


Mark van de Griendt

Cash Management Expert at PowertoPay

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