How to build a business case for better cash flow forecasting

By CashAnalytics

29-03-2023 | CashAnalytics | treasuryXL | LinkedIn |

Do you struggle with a 20+ tab cash management spreadsheet while also struggling to convince anyone that it needs to be replaced?

8 Critical Activities Supported by your Cash Flow Forecast

This is common. Cash flow forecasting and cash flow reporting typically grows in spreadsheets as a business grows. Tabs are added as the business expands and new reporting requirements emerge. It’s usually the bane of one or two people’s lives but the true problem with managing cash in a spreadsheet runs far deeper than that.

The challenge faced by people managing the cash flow spreadsheet is convincing others that a change is needed. The economic events of the last few months have presented a good platform to now drive this change.

The cost of bad cash management is increasing on a daily basis and the risks of heading into a tough economic climate without a robust and reliable handle on cash flow have never been higher.

For those looking to remove themselves from under the spreadsheet monster while saving their company money and protecting it in an uncertain climate, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help you build a solid business case to make an investment better cash forecasting and visibility.

The guide covers the following areas:

  1. Defining why cash flow visibility and forecasting is important to the business
  2. Outlining the pain and problems with current process
  3. Highlighting the risks and costs of the current process
  4. Aligning with strategic goals and initiatives
  5. Proposing chosen solution
  6. Calculating the return on investment