How the energy markets work | Spring Summit Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

By Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

03-04-2023 | Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam | treasuryXL | LinkedIn |

Energy markets: How do they work? Recently, there has been a significant increase in energy price volatility, which has substantial implications for households and businesses. 

The supply and demand of energy change rapidly throughout the day, making short-term prediction difficult. This has resulted in a greater impact of energy prices on a company’s liquidity position. As such, it is crucial for Treasurers to be more familiar with these markets.

This session aims to provide an overview of the key characteristics and dynamics of the energy markets, including electricity and gas. Additionally, attendees will learn about how energy trading companies manage various types of risks.

This session is available both onsite at VU Amsterdam and online from 6-7:30 p.m.


  • 17:45  Welcome
  • 18:00  Introduction Herbert Rijken
  • 18:15  How the energy markets work – Frans Cleton & Stan de Ranitz
  • 19.30  Drinks & Bites