How can you protect your company against fraud?

| 16-12-2016 | Treasury Intelligence Solutions GmbH (TIS)  | sponsored content |

Dangers lurk in the online banking and electronic payments world for private consumers. However, the risks can be even more devastating for companies that are not properly protected, in some cases even leading to bankruptcy. Have you experienced phishing or “CFO trick” e-mails in your organization? Do you know, prior to the end of the month, how much money has perhaps been transferred out of each of the many subsidiaries in your organization? What happens when an employee has left the company, yet is still active in your systems, in some cases even still being listed with signatory rights?

 “How to protect your company against fraud”, provides insights into how you can gain a clear and central overview of your bank relationships, how you can arrange your cash positions and liquidity in a transparent way, and how you can standardize your electronic signatory authorizations.

To help you maneuver the payments and banking jungle, TIS GmbH reviewed the solutions that enable you to consolidate central processes through a Software as a Service platform. If you want to read more about this subject please click on in this whitepaper.

Treasury Intelligence Solutions GmbH (TIS)

Since 2010, Treasury Intelligence Solutions GmbH (TIS) has been combining their treasury management experience and know-how with their cloud computing and virtualisation expertise. The TIS solution is the result of these efforts: comprehensive, highly scalable and extremely secure SaaS solution to process, analyse and document all treasury management processes.



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