Networking and Knowledge Sharing

The Exchange provides a unique setting in which you can network with senior-level peers, discuss current issues, and participate in sessions tailored to your specific interests and requirements. With its focus on networking and discussion-based sessions, as well as the intimate approach that can only come from an invite-only event tailored specifically for leadership in this field, this is a must-attend event for Group Treasurers from the UK and Europe.

Strategic Focus of Treasury Leadership

This year’s event will focus on the strategic role of a Group Treasurer, exploring how those in treasury leadership roles can better exert their influence across the CFO office and the broader business. As macroeconomic instability continues to create challenges for effective planning, the role of Treasurer has become increasingly crucial for maintaining financial stability.

Impact of Technology on Treasury Operations

As the role of Group Treasurer evolves, technology and automation are having a significant impact on how treasury units function. This event will delve into the strategic impact technology can have on a treasurer’s world, addressing how to define ROI, where to allocate budgets, and the best practices for implementing changes within the organization.

A Must-Attend Event for Treasury Leaders

This exchange is essential for anyone with strategic decision-making responsibilities within the treasury group, offering invaluable insights into a fast-changing environment. It should be a fascinating opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the shifting dynamics and challenges facing treasury professionals today.

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