In a recent live session co-organized by our partner Ebury titled “Fluctuating Interest and Currency Markets: What to expect & do?” Industry experts discussed the complex world of foreign exchange (FX) markets and strategies, offering valuable perspectives for treasurers and CFOs. The panel featured Matthew Ryan, Top Forecaster at Bloomberg and Head of Market Strategy at Ebury, Peter Post, Senior Key Account Executive at Ebury, and Harry Mills from treasuryXL and CEO & Founder of Oku Market. The discussion covered a range of critical topics, from the role of central banks to the use of dynamic forwards and the challenges of interest rate curves.

The discussion was  moderated by Patrick Kunz, treasuryXL expert and also known as the Treasury Guru.


FX market navigation requires vigilance, transparency, education, and adaptability. Treasurers and CFOs should take a long-term view of currency risk management, adapt to changing market conditions, and have a clear understanding of the available tools and strategies.

Are you confused by the complexities of the foreign exchange market? Unsure about the direction of currencies? Here are some key takeaways from the industry experts who spoke at the session:

Matthew Ryan, Top Forecaster at Bloomberg and Head of Market Strategy at Ebury

  • Oil prices and the dollar often have an inverse relationship.
  • Rising oil prices can benefit emerging markets with a strong reliance on oil production.
  • A potential retracement in the dollar’s strength may favor emerging markets.

Peter Post, Senior Key Account Executive at Ebury

  • Transparency is key in dynamic forward pricing.
  • Margin rates are determined by clients’ credit risk and market conditions.
  • Our goal is to provide clients with transparent and competitive pricing.

Harry Mills from treasuryXL and CEO & Founder of Oku Markets

  • Economic forecasts can be unreliable; expect the unexpected.
  • Focus on your business’s specific needs and objectives when managing currency exposure.
  • Be adaptable and stay informed, as market conditions can change rapidly.

Moderator Patrick Kunz, in closing the live session, highlighted his valuable experience in the dynamic foreign exchange (FX) industry and stressed the importance of staying alert in the face of frequent unexpected disruptions.

Patrick’s final question to the panelists:“Where do you see fixed markets heading, and what actions should treasurers consider?” To discover all the expert insights, intriguing responses, and outlook, please tune in to the recording of the full session…

Go to our Live Session recording page to watch our previous sessions. Enjoy!


Matthew Ryan

Global Head of Market Strategy


Matthew Ryan is Ebury’s Global Head of Market Strategy, based in London, where he has been part of the strategy team since 2014. With a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Surrey and being a CFA charterholder, he provides fundamental FOREX analysis for a wide range of G10 and emerging market currencies. His expertise involves delivering commentary on diverse factors influencing the FX market, spanning from economic data to central bank monetary policy. Matthew Ryan offers comprehensive fundamental analysis, content, and forecasts for various major and emerging market currencies, contributing valuable insights to Ebury’s partners

Harry Mills

FX Risk Management Expert / Director & Founder

treasuryXL / Oku Markets Limited

Harry is the founder of Oku Markets Limited, a UK-based currency management firm. A well-respected leader in the FX market since 2010, Harry has helped hundreds of businesses to effectively manage their currency risk. Having enjoyed a successful career covering one of the world’s preeminent FX businesses and heading the currency options desk at a boutique firm, Harry founded Oku Markets in 2022 with a mission to reform the market and provide a better service to businesses at transparent pricing. Harry publishes a daily FX newsletter and a weekly blog covering risk management and financial markets.

Peter Post

Senior Key Account Executive


Peter Post is an experienced professional at Ebury, specialising in complex foreign exchange (FX) solutions for large corporations and multinationals. He excels in USD selling strategies and provides valuable insights into optimising FX operations. With his deep understanding of 360T services, Peter is a trusted resource for clients seeking to navigate the intricacies of the FX market with precision and confidence.

Patrick Kunz

Moderator | treasuryXL expert

Owner of Pecunia Treasury & Finance B.V.

Patrick Kunz will be stepping in as the new moderator for this session, replacing Pieter de Kiewit. Patrick, renowned as the Treasury Guru, will guide the conversation. Patrick’s illustrious career in the world of treasury speaks volumes about his deep commitment to the field. Just last week, he made a remarkable appearance at EuroFinance, where he moderated six sessions and delivered a keynote address on the main stage.

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