Executive Briefing CFOs in the Firing Line

| 01-07-2020 | TIS |

Government-imposed sanctions on who companies can trade with and how are changing almost daily. At the same time, CFOs are becoming personally responsible for sanctions violations relating to payments – and the size of fines imposed on errant organizations is snowballing.

How, then, can finance leaders tackle these issues to minimize the risk of sanctions breaches, improve payments workflows, and ultimately, avoid severe legal consequences? Our partner TIS offers an executive briefing on this topic. Read more about:

  1. The importance of government-imposed sanctions
  2. What types of sanctions exist?
  3. Pinpointing the risks
  4. Why in-house screening matters
  5. Optimizing the set-up

Download the latest executive briefing from TIS and gain timely insights into this complex topic and an extensive list of legal expert’s recommendations in order to ultimately protect the organization against the financial and reputational damage of a non-compliance incident as well as the CFO from personal liability.

About TIS:

TIS (Treasury Intelligence Solutions GmbH), founded in Walldorf, Germany in 2010, is a global leader in managing corporate payments. The Financial Times named TIS as one of “Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies” for 2019 and 2020. Offered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), the TIS solution is a comprehensive, highly-scalable, cloud platform for company-wide payments and cash management. The TIS solution has been successfully used for many years in both large and medium-sized companies, including Adecco Group, Hugo Boss, Fresenius, Fugro, Lanxess, OSRAM and QIAGEN. More than 25% of DAX companies are already TIS customers.

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Crisis – What next? Immediate Measures in Cash and Liquidity Management

| 29-06-2020 | TIS |

Thursday, July 9, 2020 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CEST

Looking at the past four months the words “Corona” and “COVID-19” surely already have become the words no.1 in 2020. Has this current status which disabled a lot of businesses and business transactions led many companies into difficult situations and troubling times?

This pandemic surely is a stress test for finance and treasury departments which have to be on top of all issues and challenges to be able to have high cash visibility and reliable liquidity forecasts. How can you fight the struggles of economic uncertainty and stay on track?

This webinar shows you which immediate measures have to be taken to stay ahead of the game. TIS and BearingPoint present a best-of-breed combination of their solutions.

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Virtual Coffee Sessions for NL and BE: Managing Payments in a Remote Reality

| 16-06-2020 | TIS |

Are you tired of talking about “remote working” and the “new normal”? Everyone is keen and ready to get back into the office. But it will never be the same than before. Due to the current situation, special prerequisites need to be taken in order to make sure to meet the health standards but on the other hand creating a situation where people can work together onsite to contribute to business success.

Virtual event

TIS organizes a special virtual event, one that is dedicated to treasurers and financial professionals and moderated by TIS experts. Alongside TIS they will also have two of their customers with them who will also be open to questions and discussion. With the virtual coffee session they connect people in order to find out what the best way of going back to normal can be. They will also talk about a very important topic: Cash Visibility. TIS will highlight how important visibility is to manage payments in these days.

Receive a present

In order to give you a great start into the day and a great virtual experience we will deliver you a little TIS coffee present. Just insert your full delivery address in the registration form and something good will be delivered right in time for the virtual session.

Date, time and registration

Virtual Coffee Session for the Netherlands

Date: Tue, Jun 23, 2020

Timing: 09:00 AM – 10:00 AM CEST

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Virtual Coffee Session for Belgium

Date: Wed, Jun 24, 2020

Timing: 09:00 AM – 10:00 AM CEST

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Live Demo: Ready for fraud prevention? – TIS shows you how!

| 29-05-2020 | TIS |


“Due to unforeseen circumstances this live demo session had to be cancelled. We will inform you once registration for the next session is open”.


Live Demo: Ready for fraud prevention? – TIS shows you how!

Friday June 5, 2020 from 2.00 pm to 2.30 pm CEST | 30-minute demo |

See different fraud scenarios in the TIS fraud case study and learn how TIS can help you preventing such cases. They will present different TIS functionalities and will take your high level questions at the end of the session.

  • Free of charge and no further obligations
  • No need for any demo account setup on your system
  • They will show directly how it works
  • On every Friday at 14:00 CET

Date, time and registration

Date: 5 June, 2020

Start: 2:00-2:30 PM CEST




Press Release: TIS Raises $20m as Demand Grows for its Leading SaaS B2B Payment Platform

| 27-05-2020 | TIS |

Our Partner TIS (Treasury Intelligence Solutions), a leading cloud platform for managing corporate payments and cash flows, announced it has raised $20 million in additional financing led by Aquiline Technology Growth, an early- and growth-stage fund managed by Aquiline Capital Partners. The round also included participation from existing investor 83North. Aquiline joins previous investors 83North, Target Partners and Zobito. Investment from Aquiline and 83North will be used to continue rapid global expansion.

The company plans to use the new funding to further accelerate product development and to scale operations in Europe and in the US, in order to meet growing international demand. Many globally recognized organizations, including Adecco Group, Bertelsmann, Hugo Boss, Fresenius, Fugro, Lanxess, ManpowerGroup, OSRAM and QIAGEN, already use TIS to standardize and analyze payment flows and to obtain liquidity overview throughout their organizations.

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TIS (Treasury Intelligence Solutions GmbH), founded in Walldorf, Germany in 2010, is a global leader in managing corporate payments. The Financial Times named TIS as one of “Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies” for 2019 and 2020. Offered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), the TIS solution is a comprehensive, highly-scalable, cloud platform for company-wide payments and cash management. The TIS solution has been successfully used for many years in both large and medium-sized companies, including Adecco Group, Hugo Boss, Fresenius, Fugro, Lanxess, OSRAM and QIAGEN. More than 25% of DAX companies are already TIS customers.

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Webinar Economic Briefing: The Economic Fallout From COVID-19

| 28-04-2020 | TIS |

Webinar: Economic Briefing: The economic fallout from Covid-19. Looking beyond the unprecedented.

Tuesday May 5, 2020 from 4 pm to 5 pm CEST

Our Partner TIS, Treasury Intelligence Solutions, will host a webinar, discussing the economic fallout from COVID-19, while looking beyond the unprecedented. How can we make sense of the ever more dynamic and globalized world we live in? Carsten Brzeski, Global Head of Macro Research and Chief Economist Eurozone at ING, will give you an up-to-the-minute economic briefing which is both insightful and entertaining at the same time.

Your host for this session will be: Kate Pohl, Adviser to TIS and an expert in her field of payments and payment innovation. She will give a short introduction concerning the payments landscape and reflecting the situation today in Europe. If you would like to pose a question, you can either send it in before the session to Kate via info@tis.biz or during Carsten’s presentation. At the end, there is time for Carsten to take audience questions.

Take a journey with TIS to better understand the implications of the future and the shape of things to come!

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Carsten Brzeski
Global Head of Macro Research and Chief Economist Eurozone at ING

Kate Pohl
TIS Advisor and Expert Payments

Date, time and registration

Date: 5 May, 2020

Start: 16:00-17:00 CEST

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Digitalization enhances the strategic position of the treasurer

| 27-12-2019 | TIStreasuryXL

Discover how you can skillfully use digitalization to play a greater strategic role in your company.

Digitalization is changing the business model of every company. In this factsheet, you will gain valuable expert insights on how you can use digitalization to enhance your strategic position. You will also learn why the opportunities of digitalization do not by any means poses a threat. Read more about:

  1. Digitalization as a horizontal phenomenon
  2. Data is the treasurer’s new gold
  3. Being a sparring partner for the CEO

New technologies are coming to the fore, which redefine the payment area. Especially treasurers will benefit from the expert insights. Do not miss this beneficial factsheet!

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Key findings from the 2019 Treasury Compliance Survey

| 26-08-2019 | TIS |

Spending too much time and energy on compliance issues? You’re not alone. 41% of large companies identified this as their number one concern about the regulatory environment. Join Strategic Treasurer and TIS on August 29th as they reveal the exclusive results to the comprehensive 2019 Compliance Survey.

The 2019 Compliance Survey polled treasury and finance practitioners on their experiences, practices, and perspectives regarding a broad variety of compliance and bank account management operations. The survey captured both the macro and micro elements of the compliance landscape that are impacting treasury, identified how new regulatory developments are being accounted for, and gained insight to the various technologies and strategies leveraged by organizations for managing compliance on an ongoing basis. This session will cover highlights from the survey and include commentary from respected industry leaders as to what this means for you.

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Date: 29th August 2019

Timing: 11:00 AM EST







Treasury Intelligence Solutions: Centralizing Corporate Payments System

| 29-1-2019 | TIS Treasury Intelligence SolutionstreasuryXL

Interview with CEO of TIS Jörg Wiemer by CIOReview

In today’s era where the face of IT is changing drastically, enterprises are facing a multitude of challenges germane to regulation, risk management, and most importantly performing business to business payments. Having served as senior vice president and global treasury veteran at SAP, Jörg Wiemer, the CEO and Co-founder of Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS) highlights that corporate transactions often involve multiple parties from both internal and external departments, and the legacy systems often cause recurrent delays in payments. The failure to bring this mission-critical process under control may affect the supplier relationship to the extent that the supplier may discontinue the business relationship. In the thick of grave challenges, modern CIOs are keen to bring in a robust technology that assists them to streamline payment processes. At TIS, the leadership brings to bear its vast experience to aid enterprises to efficiently and effortlessly manage corporate payments and cash flows through a SaaS platform.

The platform works as a central hub that is dedicated for enterprises to manage, organize, and analyze their corporate payments flowing across and within the organization. Through the power of SaaS, TIS’ cloud-based platform helps clients quickly connect their ERP systems with different banks to manage bank accounts. Moreover, the platform allows enterprises to perform analysis of liquidity and cash flow in real time. It also conveniently addresses complexities triggered by different communication protocols and channels, enabling clients to communicate and process transactions in their customers’ preferred language. “The clients can simply leverage the library of bank formats and the bank connector, which we have built over the last year, to allow transactions between ERPs and banks seamlessly,” informs Wiemer.

By challenging the status quo of legacy solutions, the TIS platform empowers multiple leadership executives with the ability to make smarter decisions and assists them to process, view, and analyze transactions in real time using a cash flow analytics feature. Cementing the digitalization objective of enterprises, the TIS cloud platform helps keep processes fully under control through increased efficiency, visibility, and transparency in corporate payments and audit trails.

“The clients can simply leverage the library of bank formats and the bank connector, which we have built over the last year, to allow seamless transactions between ERPs and banks”

Citing an instance, Wiemer brings to fore the case of a luxury goods company, Oettinger Davidoff AG, which faced the challenge in standardizing their payment processes while restructuring their ERP systems to migrate to SAP S/4HANA. Aside from centralizing their international payment transactions, the retail company sought to achieve a better overview of a large part of the liquidity in the company. Partnering with TIS, the client had seamless SAP integration and quick bank format hosting, which helped them successively onboard all the bank accounts to SAP without any hassle. Fast-forward to today, the client has about ten bank accounts of foreign subsidiaries in Switzerland that are connected to the TIS platform to perform all of the international payments of local subsidiaries.

Having researched the potential market for corporate payments solutions, Wiemer states that the total market for “ERP systems” is roughly about $80 billion (ERP) per year and for “payments” $1,000 billion per year, respectively. Tapping this huge market, TIS initially plans to expand its wings to Europe and the U.S. within the next month. The success of TIS reflects in its rich portfolio of clients from diverse industries including finance and insurance, retail and automobile, among others. Emphasizing the fact that TIS continues to help customers switch into a new way to collaborate and execute payments, Wiemer concludes saying, “The fintech industry will fuel the payments industry to become more efficient over time, and it will have customers save cost immensely.”

Original published on CIOReview

Payment fraud – how companies can protect themselves

|13-2-2017 | Joerg Wiemer | sponsored content |

Information about the opportunities and risks of digitalization is widely spread. In general, risks occur when there is a chance of losing a competitive advantage or falling behind.  However, one of the biggest risks is without doubt cybercrime. Attacks on IT systems worldwide increased yet again by 38 percent in 2015, according to the consulting firm PwC in their “Global State of Information Security Survey 2016”. If these attacks are aimed at the payment transactions of a company, the entire existence of the organization is easily threatened. Therefore, security measures in treasury and payments processes should be at the very top of the agenda. Jörg Wiemer, CEO of TIS, explains how companies can ensure increased security.

In general, when does a risk exist for companies during payment transactions?

JW: In principle, in any situation that involves a lack of transparency across bank relationships and activities. In these cases, cash positions and liquidity are not clear. Let’s assume that a branch transfers ten million dollars at the beginning of the month. If these bookings rely on manual processes and the balance is only checked once at the end of the month, it takes a full thirty days until the fraud is detected. Time is literally money.  By monitoring treasury in real time, it is possible to detect these procedures much earlier, thereby solving them in many cases.   

It can take a lot of time until the head office of the branch gains knowledge about such cases.

JW: This is the heart of the problem: The prevailing regional division of labor makes it easy for fraudsters. If the account statements in paper are collected locally in each branch, it takes weeks until those responsible in the head office notice that an account statement is missing, and with it, the positions written on it. This is exactly why a company should collect all account statements from every bank account worldwide automatically and assess liquidity positions in real time with a software like TIS.

What else facilitates frauds?

JW: Fraud can occur if there is no complete overview of the electronic signing authorities, if there is no dual control principle during payment transactions or during the administration of payment recipients and, in general, during every user administration, which is particularly prone to fraud. These are the typical gateways.

How can I detect that I am at an increased risk?

JW: One reliable indicator of a low level of security in payment transactions is a high amount of manual transactions. Normally, the assumption is that every payment has to be recorded in the accounting system according to the best practices – no booking without receipt, and no payment without a previous booking. Nevertheless, under certain circumstances, there are deviations and exceptions of this principle. The key term here is “exception handling”, which results in a manual payment. An exemption is necessary for these cases, which includes comprehensive process documentation. The possibility of recording and authorization of non-automatic payments should be restricted to certain recipients of the payment and internal user groups. Furthermore, the user should only be allowed to use unchangeable payment templates that have been approved in advance.

How can companies reduce risks?

JW:  A general rule is to standardize and and automate processes across the group of companies! Payment related tasks can be executed on local level, however, based on a standardized and automated process. A central directory of every existing account and a payment governance should be mandatory for every company. Security in payment transactions begins with the professional management of the bank accounts. Otherwise, those responsible run the risk of fraudulent payments through accounts that are not registered in the ledger. The next step is to centralize the payment transactions. Digital payment platforms like TIS pool the cash flow and standardize and automate it. This way, payment procedures and the cash flow are controllable at all times.

What has payment looked like in practice up until now?

JW: Heterogeneous and confusing. Companies have a lot of different systems in each part of their organization and they use different e-banking tools to connect to the banks. The SAP system then generates payments. This is complicated and complex and there are many different protocols and formats. This is the reason for high costs as well as increased fraud risk.

In light of this, which solution approach does TIS pursue?

JW: We provide a payment transactions platform especially for medium and large-sized companies in any industry. The platform connects their accounting system with the respective bank. It then operates between the core systems – which the client does not have to change –  and the bank. Therefore, the platform is the single point of contact, allowing all automated and standardized payment transactions to be combined in a uniform way for the entire company. This makes the management, monitoring and assessment of payment transactions tremendously easier.

The TIS solution runs completely in the cloud. What about the topics of control and secure data storage?

JW: A server as such is either secure or not secure, no matter if it runs in the cloud or in your own house. It is also possible to dial into an in-house server with the banking tools of a company from anywhere as long as the person has the appropriate authorization or the right amount of criminal energy. This is why the server has to be permanently protected from non-authorized access with a high level of modern technology. The big data centers, with which TIS also cooperates, have totally different possibilities than a single company. Let me say a few words regarding the topic of online banking:  the idea that banking tools on a private notebook which runs offline are somehow more secure is an illusion. This computer provides a much bigger gateway for viruses and Trojans than any e-banking solution that runs in the cloud. It speaks volumes, that the Swiss Reporting and Analysis Centre for Information Assurance (MELANI) has recently started receiving a much higher amount of reports from the general public regarding e-banking frauds.

The right software is one part, but what can be done to ensure risk is handled correctly and that the right methods of payments processing are put into place?

JW: Good governance must be established and implemented. Companies need globally valid rules for their payment transactions with detailed guidelines on the following: how accounts are managed, who can open new accounts, who must give permission for this, and the documentation necessary to do so. There are always bad examples for what can happen if the company does not follow the guidelines. Remember the case of the automotive suppliers Leonie mid-2016? Cybercriminals acquired documents and assumed somebody else’s identity. They were then able to divert 40 million euros from accounts of the company to accounts abroad.

My advice on how to minimize risk? Establish governance guidelines and use a central platform for the management of bank accounts and payment transactions. Through automated and standardized processes, companies can protect themselves against manipulation and fraud and, ultimately, the loss of money.

If you are interested to read more about this topic please click on security in payments

joerg wiemer


Joerg Wiemer

CEO of  Treasury Intelligence Solutions GmbH ( TIS)