Obtaining Critical CFO Insights Through Effective Treasury Alignment 

Although most CFOs will (or should) have a robust understanding of how the treasury function operates, sometimes it’s helpful to review the core components of the role. At the highest level, treasury is a subset of the finance department that is responsible for safeguarding their organization’s most important asset (cash) as well as providing transparency and control over the day-to-day processes necessary for the company to meet its financial obligations (i.e. payments). This means that at its core, the treasury function most commonly performs:

  1. Cash and liquidity management
  2. Payments and bank account management
  3. Financial Risk, Fraud, & Compliance Management

Of course, certain treasury teams will have additional duties levied onto them depending on the size, complexity,
and structure of their organization. For instance, cash flow forecasting, FX trading, debt and investment activity, and
cash pooling or netting are all functions that commonly fall under treasury’s purview, but it ultimately depends on
the specific makeup of their organization.

The purpose of this whitepaper is to highlight how the treasury function can provide crucial CFO insights that can help shape initiatives to drive higher revenue, better financial decision making, and greater process automation and control. After reviewing how modern treasury groups typically operate, we will analyze the main benefits that a fully optimized treasury team can provide to the CFO and an organization at large. This examination will focus primarily on real-time liquidity and payments oversight, boosted revenue and cost-savings, and effective risk management via fraud, compliance, and risk mitigation.

Finance leaders can download the below whitepaper to learn more about how the treasury department can:

  1. Leverage technology automation to drive optimal efficiency and performance.
  2. Create substantial revenue and cost-savings opportunities for the company.
  3. Provide critical financial data to the entire organization in real-time.
  4. Be on the front line and make a significant impact in fraud detection and prevention.

Download the full resource now via the link below!

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