Cash Management Generalist as your next career move?

11-09-2020 | Treasurer Search | treasuryXL

Our Partner Treasurer Search is looking for a Cash Management Generalist for a modern tech company with a global presence. The main tasks of the generalist are in cash management: payments, bank account opening & maintenance, forecasting, liquidity management, et cetera. Occasionally also FX risk or support in funding activities by the CFO will be required. Starting with a focus on a structural availability in cash, the generalist will be allowed to expand responsibilities and pick up other corporate treasury tasks.

Ideal Cash Management Generalist

Essential in the personality of the generalist is that she is not afraid to take responsibility. She has a relevant education and at least two years experience in operational cash management. She is able to oversee what is important and what are the priorities. The ideal generalist is not afraid to do the operational work and knows that, given the size of the organisation, overly sophisticated treasury tooling is not appropriate.

Our Client

Our client is a modern tech company with a global presence and a history of several decades. About 1000 employees work internationally and serve thousands of clients. The high number of transactions has an impact on treasury operations. There is a small CFO team in The Netherlands of which the generalist is a member.

Remuneration and Process

The base salary is expected to be €50K. The Treasurer Test might be part of the recruitment process.

Contact person

Pieter de Kiewit

T: (0850) 866 798
M: (06) 1111 9783


Utrecht Region


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