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treasuryXL announces partnership with OpusCapita

| 19-3-2020 | treasuryXL | OpusCapita | treasuryXL announces partnership with OpusCapita, a leading cash management provider. VENLO, The Netherlands, MARCH 19, 2020 – treasuryXL, the community platform for everyone who is active in the world of treasury, today announced the premium partnership with a leading cash management provider, OpusCapita. As a marketplace, treasuryXL will […]

WEBINAR: How COVID-19 affects Dutch SME’S

| 18-03-2020 | by treasuryXL | From Brexit to COVID-19, it is fair to say that a lot has been happening lately. These events have impacted the economy, especially Small and Medium Enterprises. It is hard to keep up with all new information, measurements and consequences. That is why, Smartfunding has organised a free webinar […]

How do the current events influence currencies around the world?

| 17-03-2020 | Erna Erkens | treasuryXL In this blog, our Expert Erna Erkens, discusses the past events and their consequential effect on currencies. Erna Erkens is owner of Erna Erkens Valuta Advies, a consultancy firm specialized in currencies. After 35 years of work experience in the financial markets at 2 different banks, Erna wanted […]

Medical crowdfunding, a success or not?

16-03-2020 | by Rowan Hermes | Ilfa Group In this blog, our Partner ILFA Group, discusses a rather new phenomenon of crowdfunding, called Medical crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is increasingly being used to (partly) pay for special healthcare expenditure. The number of crowdfunding campaigns for medical treatments has almost tripled in three years. Crowdfunding can be a […]