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Crisis – What next? Immediate Measures in Cash and Liquidity Management

| 29-06-2020 | TIS | Thursday, July 9, 2020 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CEST Looking at the past four months the words “Corona” and “COVID-19” surely already have become the words no.1 in 2020. Has this current status which disabled a lot of businesses and business transactions led many companies into difficult situations and […]

How to develop the ultimate Cash Flow Forecast

| 29-06-2020 | Cashforce Cash flow forecasting has been called many things in literature. Ranging from the cornerstone of a finance & treasury department to the lifeblood of any organization; it’s fair to say cash forecasting is vital to get an accurate prediction of an organization’s health. Cash forecasting, at its core, is simply identifying […]

Looking for an Interim Banking & Corporate Treasury Specialist (Part-Time)

26-06-2020 | Treasurer Search | treasuryXL Our Partner Treasurer Search is looking for an Interim Banking & Corporate Treasury Specialist (Part-time). The specialist will work as the junior in a four person corporate treasury team and will start with an operational focus on assisting newly established international entities setting up banking relations. Tasks will evolve […]

How Can Your Business Address FX Risk?

25-06-2020 | treasuryXL | XE | Last week, we encouraged businesses like yours to look beyond currency exchange rates when developing your foreign exchange risk management procedures. This week, we want to take that discussion a little further: what else is out there for businesses looking to improve their FX risk management? One common misconception […]