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International Treasury Management and Corporate Finance course in September 2020

06-07-2020 | by Kendra Keydeniers | Francois De Witte | ATEL The treasurer is the custodian of the company’s daily liquidity. He manages, anticipates and secures cash flows by ensuring that financial needs are covered. This cursus will give the ability to assist directly and practically the treasurer of large corporates or to take over […]

Overwhelmed by FX Administration? Your Provider Can Help With That

02-07-2020 | treasuryXL | XE | Foreign exchange isn’t always about the big trades. For many organizations that deal with international currencies, they find that their FX needs start small. It may not seem like it, but your routine, day-to-day operations could be a larger FX risk exposure than you think. Whether your ordinary operations […]

Executive Briefing CFOs in the Firing Line

| 01-07-2020 | TIS | Government-imposed sanctions on who companies can trade with and how are changing almost daily. At the same time, CFOs are becoming personally responsible for sanctions violations relating to payments – and the size of fines imposed on errant organizations is snowballing. How, then, can finance leaders tackle these issues to […]

Meet our Experts – Interview Ger van Rosmalen

01-07-2020 | Ger van Rosmalen | treasuryXL Our Expert Ger van Rosmalen has over 45 years of global Trade Finance expertise (Letters of Credit, Documentary Collections, Bank guarantees) mainly working for international banks. In addition, he is also frequently asked to conduct trainings for companies like EvoFenedex and Vesting Finance, as well as for Chambers of […]

Alternative Risk Finance in a hardening insurance market

| 30-06-2020 | Mark Roelands | treasuryXL Insurance premium rates are reported to increase on average with about 2% in Europe, confirming the overall market trend of a hardening insurance market. Some markets have, however, seen double-digit growth in premiums, like D&O and Motor Third Party Liability. Other markets witnessed important coverage elements actually being […]