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Why M&A-Intensive Enterprises Need a Robust Technology Integration Strategy

21-09-2021| treasuryXL | TIS | This article evaluates how the success of long-term M&A activity on the part of large enterprises is dependent upon their ability to integrate and connect the pre-existing technology stacks of newly acquired subsidiaries with their broader infrastructure. Chiefly, we evaluate how enterprises that regularly establish new subsidiaries and entities across […]

Readying Treasury for Hybrid Work

20-09-2021 | treasuryXL | Kyriba | To say that the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way treasury departments and companies operate is a massive understatement. Treasury, a function already accustomed to ‘doing more with less,’ began operating remotely—often with a skeleton crew as companies were forced to reduce headcount. Once mass distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine […]

Vacancy | Part-Time Interim Cash Manager

17-09-2021 | Treasurer Search | treasuryXL | Our Partner Treasurer Search is looking for a Part-Time Interim Cash Manager for a large industrial firm with a global presence. The ideal candidate has a solid track record in cash management. This could be a position for a seasoned interim manager but also for a retired cash […]

#7 Poor internal communication (Dutch Item)

16-09-2021 | treasuryXL| XE Internal communication problems can be an obstacle to good currency practices and risk management, especially as organizations grow. Business units that working in silos and rarely talking to each other, have little insight into the place their specific currency risk within the company’s overall risk. In het ergste geval nemen bedrijfsonderdelen […]

Which Options Are There When It Comes To Bank Connectivity?

15-09-2021 | treasuryXL | Nomentia | In this blog, we want to give an overview of the different options for bank connections from host-to host, direct connections through regional standards and SWIFT. On top of that we’ll also take a look at open banking APIs and what possibilities they might hold for the future. Bank […]

Transitioning from LIBOR: Explaining the cash fallback rates

14-09-2021 | treasuryXL | Refinitiv | Jacob Rank-Broadley The LIBOR transition: We explain what fallback rates for the USD cash markets are and provide practical insights on how these rates can be used. Refinitiv USD IBOR Cash Fallbacks are designed to ensure existing USD LIBOR referencing products such as loans, bonds and securitisations can continue […]

Vacancy | Interim Operational Cash Manager

10-09-2021 | Treasurer Search | treasuryXL | Our Partner Treasurer Search is looking for an Interim Operational Cash Manager for the Schiphol region. The ideal candidate for this position has a relevant track record in treasury and cash management preferably in smaller organisations. As a person she is flexible, proactive and not afraid to speak […]

Nomentia Acquires TIPCO: A union of exceptional products and teams

08-09-2021 | treasuryXL | Nomentia | Nomentia announced yesterday that the company has acquired TIPCO Treasury & Technology. Shortly after the news was released, we had the chance to sit down with Jukka Sallinen, CEO of Nomentia, and talk about the announcement, what does the acquisition promise for finance and treasury professionals globally, and what […]