GPS Capital Markets

GPS Capital Markets
acts as an extension of your treasury team, streamlining your global treasury operations with its expertise, competitive foreign exchange (FX) rates, and cutting-edge FXpert® automation.

Founded in 2002, GPS brings together a senior management team rich in international banking experience from the world’s leading financial institutions.

Clients worldwide rely on GPS to mitigate their FX risk and expand their international business by customizing our comprehensive international financial solutions, such as Intercompany Netting, Hedge Accounting, Balance Sheet Hedging, FX execution, Data Analytics, and Cash Flow Hedging, to suit their specific needs.

With offices throughout the United Kingdom, as well as the European Union, the United States, Canada, and Australia, GPS provides individualized customer service available when you need it.

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Nicolas Girardin

Senior Account Executive

Alex Youngman

Vice President of Sales & Trading (EU)

Patrick Equagoo

Senior FX Risk & Treasury Strategist