At CompleXCountries we focus on difficult or complex areas of corporate treasury. We report on how senior treasurers approach challenges in specialist countries and specialist treasury processes and technology.

Our Global Treasury Intelligence Reports are derived from confidential expert led peer conversations between senior treasurers with specific subject expertise.  Our reports deliver detailed findings of what is practical and possible from a treasury perspective.

Examples of reports, all derived from expert peer conversations:

  • Cash repatriation, funding, local banking & investments in countries such as Argentina, Nigeria, Lebanon, Angola, Venezuela etc.
  • Treasury & FX in Turkey
  • Banking in Russia, Regional Treasury in the Caribbean
  • Pricing intercompany loans in China
  • Onshore vs Offshore hedging in India, Risk Management in Brazil
  • KYC & AML
  • Bank fee analysis & wallet sizing, Approaches to Bank Relationship Management
  • Experiences with APIs in Treasury
  • Measuring Treasury Performance
  • ESG in Treasury Practice
  • You can browse 100+ reports here

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