Bound provides modern currency hedging technology that is a hassle-free, transparent and cost effective alternative to traditional FX brokers and banks.

Who we are:

We’re on a mission to help companies grow efficiently, win the best customers and hire the best talent internationally…

… without having to think about exchange rates.

Since beginning in 2022, we have already helped 100s of customers safely transact 700M+ in conversions and hedges, enabling them to manage their currency risk and protect their cash flows.

Why finance and treasury teams choose Bound:

“It’s just so easy” ~ Workflow Security

  • A simple streamlined user experience is a priority at Bound
  • Optimise and automate conversions and hedging strategies in as little as 3 clicks and 5 minutes

“It’s the best rate I could find on the market” ~ Smart Marketing Automation

  • Transparency and fair pricing is a non-negotiable
  • Get insightful reports on your transactions
  • See a full breakdown of all fees every step of the way

“We changed our hedges in like, 2 minutes” ~ Collaboration tools

  • Experience unrivalled flexibility
  • Easily change amounts and settlement dates as needed without hidden fees

Bound Rates Limited (FRN 966723) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to act as an Investment Firm.

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