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Automation Boutique is dedicated to helping companies unlock the full potential of automation in their treasury, finance and risk management operations. They guide businesses through every stage of their automation journey, providing expert insights and building tailored solutions.

Automation Boutique works closely with companies to pinpoint areas where automation can have the greatest impact, analysing the potential benefits and efficiencies that can be achieved. Often there is a positive business case for companies with or without a TMS to apply automation in areas like cash flow forecasting, cash visibility, FX risk management, master data management, fraud prevention, reporting, etc.

Once the opportunities for automation are defined, Automation Boutique helps clients in selecting the right tools for their specific needs and help them get the automation up-and-running. Some of these tools include:

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automation Boutique implements software robots that can automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks and processes. These software robots can interact with a large variety of company systems (e.g., TMS, ERP, trading platforms, Excel).

  • Excel automation

Automation Boutique can upgrade messy, time-consuming, and error-prone Excel files to fully automated, robust Excel files using tools such as Power Query, Power Pivot, VBA, DAX and M. This usually saves a company significant time, increases traceability and reduces the risk of errors. Therefore, it is often a no-brainer when the company has Excel-based processes which collect data from multiple sources.

  • Power BI automation

Automation Boutique helps companies automatically gather data from different sources and then present it in a visually appealing report using Power BI. This often aids companies in gaining more insights and making better decisions.

  • API integration

Automation Boutique can also integrate APIs to retrieve data from external sources and put it into the company’s systems or post data from the company’s systems to external systems.

  • Artificial Intelligence

AI can help to make a process “smarter”. Automation Boutique helps fine-tuning AI models and put them to work to perform a specific job (e.g., extracting data from a document), thereby saving time and making processes more robust.

Clients of Automation Boutique often start with a small, well-planned project, aiming for quick wins within 2-12 weeks. Here the typical focus is on automating repetitive tasks with a modest budget and using existing tools to ensure organizational familiarization with the process. Once some early success is achieved, this lays the foundation for more extensive automation projects.

As automation streamlines processes and frees up resources, Automation Boutique helps companies shift their focus towards high-value tasks. This enables treasury and finance teams to transition from operational work to a more strategic role, driving greater value within the organisation.

At Automation Boutique, they pride themselves on their commitment to transparency and integrity. If there’s something they can’t do, they’ll be upfront about it. Their priority is to always provide the best possible service to their clients.

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