MEET Bas Rebel

Bas is a self employed treasury consultant who supports organizations managing, improving and transforming their treasury function. He brings 30 years of practical experience in treasury consultancy, corporate treasury, treasury applications and banking to the table.

Bas has published on several treasury topics concerning strategy and operations. He is also speaker at conferences  and webinars.

Bas is available for:

  • treasury consultancy assignments
  • interim positions
  • sparring conversation

“I believe treasury is a supporting business process: All businesses are exposed to liquidity, currency, interest, credit and commodity risks and it is treasury’s purpose managing these risks adequately and efficiently with a keen eye for the overall cost benefit. Right sizing treasury is sometimes a case of fine tuning and harvesting low hanging fruit.

When it is more than that and transformation is required it makes sense to draft the  “dot on the horizon” first and define the “destination architecture” and Treasury Target Operating Model (T-TOM) that best fits your organization’s business before crafting the roadmap and journey implementing this future state”.


“Technology is never an end in itself for treasury. It is an enabler that can make processes more efficient and improve the quality and availability of business critical information.” ~ Bas