Recently treasuryXL, in collaboration with SurePay, ran a poll to find out what solution treasurers thought was most important to maintain safety and security for financial processes. The results are in, find out how to secure your financial processes with the most popular solution with Ramon Verweij‘s advice!

Poll Results

We received a total of 73 votes in the poll. Thank you to everyone who participated! A new poll on payment automation has gone live.

Question: As a treasurer, which solution do you believe would enhance the safety and security of financial processes?


  • Pre-payment prevention tool (23 votes, 30%)
  • Monitor Real-time Transaction (23 votes, 30%)
  • Biometric Authentication (17 votes, 22%)
  • Robust Firewall Protection (14 votes, 18%)
Results Poll Payments Security

First Observation

We can see that pre-payment prevention tools and monitoring real-time transactions are the most popular solutions, each with 30% of the votes. This suggests that treasurers are most concerned about preventing unauthorized payments and detecting fraudulent transactions. Biometric authentication is the third most popular solution with 22% of the votes. This seems to suggest that treasurers are also concerned about securing access to financial systems and data. Robust firewall protection is the least popular solution with 18% of the votes.

View of Partner Expert

Ramon Verweij (SurePay)

“Interesting poll results!”

Interesting poll results!

At SurePay, we offer a pre-payment validation tool, which not every treasurer will have thought of yet: the IBAN-Name Check. This solution checks whether the IBAN and issued name belong together, before making the payment or direct debit. This helps treasurers to manage financial flows and risks in their business.

You know for sure that you are collecting from and paying to the right person, and whether you are dealing with a private or business account and receiving information about co-signer(s)!

Also, your accountant benefits from the solution. They have more obligations than ever to detect and report fraud, but preferably also to prevent it. With the IBAN-Name Check, you can greatly relieve your accountant of this burden. Immediately check whether you have the correct customer, supplier or employee details via this link.

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to the poll. We really appreciate your input. Stay tuned for new polls!

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