What’s Money Transfer Really About?

05-03-2020 | treasuryXL | XE |

There are some situations where cash just won’t cut it. This is where we enter the wonderful world of money transfer. What is money transfer? It’s simple: it’s any form of payment that doesn’t involve cash.

Money transfer comes in two forms: payment and transfer. When you use you debit card at a store or your boss gives you your paycheck through direct deposit, you’re experiencing small-scale money transfer. When you’re sending money to another account or person, whether it’s across town or across the world, you’re also making a transfer.

When would you need an international money transfer? If you’re:

  • Purchasing property overseas
  • Sending tuition or spending money to a student studying abroad
  • Making an international move
  • Preparing for an exotic trip

…then money transfer is the way to go. Your money is in good company: experts estimate more than $2.5 quadrillion moves around the world each year.

Don’t let the technical details overwhelm you. Online money transfer is a quick, simple, and secure process for any of your currency exchange needs.

Is one money transfer method better than the others?

If you’ve been looking into making a transfer, there’s no doubt you’ve run across several different methods for your transfer. In addition to money transfer, you’ve probably also heard about:

  • Wire transfer
  • Money order
  • Balance exchange
  • Bank transfer

These options may seem more or less interchangeable—after all, at the end of the day, your money is moving where it needs to go, so does it really matter how it gets there?

Yes, it absolutely does. Choosing a money transfer over some of these other methods can influence:

  • The speed of your transfer
  • Your currency exchange rate
  • Whether or not you incur any additional fees during your transfer
  • The ease of the process
  • The amount you can transfer
  • Where you can transfer
  • The currencies you can exchange.

When you make a money transfer through Xe, you can trust that your money will reach its destination quickly, securely, and with no tacked-on fees.


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