Automation is a central pivot in today’s fast-evolving technological landscape, revolutionizing various industries. Financial sectors, particularly corporate Treasury, increasingly rely on technology to optimize operations and foster efficiency. Amidst these transformations, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) stands out as a critical tool, holding the potential to reshape businesses. But what is RPA? And how does it influence treasury operations? These are pressing questions demanding detailed insights.

Philip Costa and Jan Willem Attevelt, our guests from the Automation Boutique, provide answers. Philip Costa, the visionary founder of Automation Boutique, has carved a niche in finance and treasury automation. On the other hand, Jan Willem, with his proficiency in tools such as OPA, APIs, and AI, has been instrumental in steering businesses toward optimization. With their vast experience, both offer a unique perspective on the subject.

In this article, you’ll journey through the nuances of automation, beginning with its fundamental concepts and extending to its intricate methodologies. Key focus areas include understanding the different forms of RPA, its functioning, benefits, and implementation strategies. From the prerequisites for RPA deployment to its practical applications in corporate Treasury, this piece promises a thorough exploration

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