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| 13-07-2016 | Stephanie Derkse |

coffeelaptopAlmost 3 months ago, treasuryXL went live. Not knowing how people would respond, we pushed the buttons and worked our hardest to make treasuryXL a success.  Since then we’ve learned something new everyday by publishing fresh content everyday and keeping in contact with you, the treasury community. I’m really proud of what we have reached so far and we will continue to improve treasuryXL. Your ideas and suggestions are always welcome!

We’re looking for experts

We are expanding our community with authors and editors. Are you an expert on one (or more) of the topics below? Do you have a business case, opinion, informative article or something else on this topic you would like to share with the treasury community? Please contact me to discuss the details.

  • Project finance
  • FX / Money Market / Risk / Commodities
  • Treasury for non treasurers
  • TMS & Banking Software
  • Regulators / Basel III / Emir
  • Macro Economy
  • Fintech
  • Cash Management
  • Financing (alternative, balance)

We also love to fire up a discussion by publishing something about current affairs and asking our experts to respond.

What’s in it for you?

Exposure. We will make you a treasuryXL expert profile and, when you’re a company owner, a company page. These will appear below every article you write and appear in the newsletter every once in a while as well.
We also offer several advertising possibilities, check out our pricelist or contact me.

Stay up to date

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Stephanie DerkseStephanie Derkse – Community Manager

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