Discover streamlined treasury management and simplified international payments with Ebury, a leading global fintech company. As a trusted partner, Ebury empowers businesses with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of cross-border trade. Whether it’s managing currency risk, simplifying international payment processes, optimizing cash flow, or ensuring regulatory compliance, Ebury offers treasurers and CFOs the support they need to enhance their treasury practices.

We asked Duco Royaards, Key Partnerships Director NL at Ebury, 5 questions to explore how Ebury revolutionizes treasury management and how they support the treasurers and members of the CFO team.

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1. Can you tell us what Ebury does and how they help companies with treasury and international payments?

Yes of course! Ebury cuts out global complexities and offers simplified financial products to help businesses trade internationally with ease. We empower businesses with the financial tools needed for cross-border trade. Ebury offers hassle-free international payments and collections, currency IBAN accounts, tailored FX risk management, flexible lending solutions, quick integrations, an easy-to-use platform and more – all in one place.

We are one of the fastest-growing global fintech companies. Thousands of organisations worldwide use our solutions and services to simplify and support their global ambitions. Founded in 2009 over a cup of coffee and a passion for helping businesses stay ahead of the game, Ebury has achieved phenomenal growth, becoming one of the world’s most trusted international trade services providers!

2. What are the key challenges in treasury management that Ebury helps companies address?

Ebury helps companies address several key challenges in treasury management. Let me explain you some of the common challenges that we can assist with include:

Currency Risk Management: Managing currency risk is a significant challenge for businesses involved in international trade. Ebury provides access to various hedging instruments, such as forward contracts, which help companies mitigate currency volatility and protect their profit margins. By offering competitive exchange rates and expert guidance, we assists businesses in developing effective risk management strategies.

International Payment Complexity: International payments can be complex and time-consuming, involving multiple currencies, banking systems, and regulatory requirements. We simplify the payment process by providing a single platform for businesses to handle their cross-border payments. We offer fast and secure payment solutions, streamlined workflows, and compliance support, reducing the administrative burden and ensuring efficient international transactions.

Cash Flow Optimization: Effective cash flow management is crucial for businesses to maintain liquidity and meet their financial obligations. Our treasury management solutions enable companies to gain real-time visibility into their cash positions across multiple currencies and bank accounts. This helps optimise cash flow by allowing businesses to consolidate funds, make informed decisions, and effectively deploy their available capital.

Regulatory Compliance: Complying with ever-changing regulations and navigating the legal landscape can be challenging, particularly for businesses operating globally. We help companies stay compliant with regulatory requirements by providing expertise in areas such as anti-money laundering (AML) procedures, Know Your Customer (KYC) processes, and transaction monitoring. We ensure that businesses can execute cross-border transactions in a secure and compliant manner.

3. What specific services and solutions does Ebury offer to optimise treasury operations and manage currency risk?

Of course, we specialise in international cash management, foreign exchange, and risk management solutions. It offers a range of services and solutions to help optimize treasury operations and manage currency risk. Here are some specific offerings provided by Ebury:

Payments and collections

Ebury facilitates seamless and cost-effective international payments and collections. Our platform allows businesses to make cross-border payments in different currencies with competitive rates and transparent fees. We also offer local collection accounts to simplify receiving funds from international customers.

Business lending

We help to scale businesses with our unsecured credit lines for financing international goods and services. We improve their working capital cycle by extending their credit terms using our 150-day financing.

FX risk management

We enable businesses to make fast and secure international payments in over 130 currencies. Our platform provides competitive exchange rates, great service and efficient payment execution, allowing businesses to streamline their cross-border transactions.

FX All & 360T

FX All is an end-to-end customised trading platform that gives our customers access to liquidity from different banks and makes it possible for them to select Ebury as a liquidity provider. Trading will be auto hedged, however RFQ functionality for our Desk to quote is also a possibility.

4. How does Ebury differentiate itself from other players on the market and why is it a valuable partner for enhancing treasury practices?

That is a great question. Ebury differentiates itself from other players in the market through several factors that make it a valuable partner for enhancing treasury practices:

Unrivallled currency capabilities: we offer payments in 130+ currencies and specialise in exotic currencies. Our suite of local domestic collection accounts are the best in the industry, as we now offer 11 local currency accounts, which is more than any of our competitors (AUD, BGN, CAD, EUR, HKD, GBP, HUF, NZD, PLN, SGD & USD).

Comprehensive Solutions: we offer a comprehensive suite of treasury management solutions, including foreign exchange services, international payments, hedging instruments, and cash flow optimization tools. By providing an integrated platform that covers multiple aspects of treasury management, Ebury simplifies the process for businesses and offers a one-stop solution for their international financial needs.

Personalized Service: we assigns each client a dedicated account manager who serves as a single point of contact. This personalized approach ensures that businesses receive tailored support and guidance based on their specific requirements. The account manager understands the client’s treasury objectives, provides expert advice, and assists in developing customized strategies to optimize treasury practices.

Compliance and Security: Ebury places a strong emphasis on regulatory compliance and security. We have robust procedures and systems in place to ensure compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations, Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements, and data security protocols. By partnering with Ebury, businesses can enhance their compliance practices and conduct international transactions securely.

Global Reach and Local Expertise: We have a global presence with offices in major financial hubs across the world. This allows us to provide localized support and expertise in various regions and markets. Our understanding of local regulations, currencies, and banking systems enables us to offer tailored solutions and navigate the complexities of international treasury management effectively.

For forward contracts, banks typically take a deposit to counteract the large amount of counterparty risk they are exposed to. Due to our strong balance sheet, we can occasionally offer our clients a reduced or 0% deposit facility.

Overall, the combination of the above mentioned capabilities makes us a valuable partner for businesses looking to enhance their treasury practices. Our ability to simplify complex processes, reduce risks, and provide tailored support sets us apart in the market and adds significant value to our clients.

5. What have been some of your big successes recently?

We are constantly updating and adding to our capability suite to ensure that Ebury remains the top partner to work with when it comes to international payments and collections, FX risk management and business lending. Our most recent success stories include:

We recently added local SGD collection capabilities in Singapore to our currency account capabilities. We now offer the most comprehensive suite of local collection accounts in the industry. We offer local currency accounts in AUD, BGN, CAD, EUR, HKD, HUF, GBP, NZD, PLN, USD and SGD.

We launched the first iteration of our iOS App in the UK and will soon roll this out for clients across other regions as well. Our mobile app allows our clients to view trading currencies and real-time balances in one simple overview. App users are also able to convert balances from one currency to another at competitive rates or use them to make payments on the go.

We have become a member of Amazon’s Payment Service Provioder Programme, meaning that sellers using Amazon sites can continue to collect payments in different regions and currencies through Ebury’s platform. Amazon marketplace sellers can now use Ebury’s cross-border platform services which provides local collection accounts in 11 currencies to help them receive funds in their local currency from Amazon.

A couple of successes we are very proud of!

A big thanks to Duco Royaards, for his valuable insights on how Ebury revolutionizes treasury management. We have learned how Ebury’s comprehensive solutions, personalized service, compliance measures, and global expertise make them a valuable partner for businesses. With recent successes including expanded currency account capabilities and the launch of their innovative iOS app, Ebury continues to empower companies in simplifying international payments and optimizing treasury practices. So once again, thank you, Duco and Ebury, for your commitment to enhancing global trade.

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