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| 02-05-2019 | by Pieter de Kiewit |

treasuryXL recently celebrated its third birthday. As a partner and sponsor I have been involved from the start and so far, it has been an exciting journey. I am proud we have been able to create a constant flow of relevant content for corporate treasurers and all others interested in treasury. We continue the build-up of a platform where you can find expertise, opinions, events, job openings, product and service offerings. Different treasury topics for a variety of organisations.

Roy has been able to build a foundation in our content flow, our infrastructure and network. His experience as a banker has been valuable and partners appreciated his initiatives. He enjoys his time with treasuryXL but misses the content driven tasks he had as a banker. He will return to financial services. We thank him for his effort and wish him all the best.

We are ambitious and want to make the next step! In order to fulfill our pivot role we have been looking for more relevant skills and entrepreneurial power. I am happy we can present Kendra as the new Community & Partner Manager.

Currently Roy is working together with Kendra. Kendra brings valuable expertise in modern community management, she worked with a very successful tech company. Her focus will be on two major tasks. First, she will help improve the quality of the content and will increase of the relevant audience. Most likely this will be combined with the organisation of relevant events. Second, she will closely cooperate with partners and experts, helping them to achieve their professional and commercial goals. And of course the treasuryXL goals. Her efforts up till now are very promising. We look forward to working with her and wish her lots of success!

Currently you can contact both Roy and Kendra through [email protected] and 06-21303744

Pieter de Kiewit
On behalf of partners and experts of treasuryXL
Pieter de Kiewit

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