Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’ and the 45 billion won question: “How much is that worth?”

04-11-2021| treasuryXL | XE | LinkedIn

The South Korean won has unexpectedly become the world’s second-most searched currency.

It’s safe to say that almost everyone watching ‘Squid Game’ has wondered what the cash prize is actually worth in their local currency. Searches for currency conversion of the South Korean won (KRW) to various local currencies, especially the Mexican peso (MXN) and US Dollar (USD), have skyrocketed in popularity since the show started streaming on September 17th. Being the world’s most trusted currency authority here at Xe, we saw our traffic spike over 1,000% for just those two conversions alone.

45 billion is a lot of money in any currency. But for viewers everywhere, we are here to break down that number for you!

Using Xe’s live exchange rates, 1 KRW is worth approximately 0.00084 USD, or 0.01737 MXN, or… select any currency and see for yourself! That means that the cash prize amount of 45.6 Billion Korean converts to over $38,000,000 USD.

Now, if only I could find some white Vans for my Halloween costume… Those searches spiked over 7,800%!