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Companies that hold accounts with different banks face many inefficiencies. They have to use different bank portals to interact with their banks and other financial service providers and often multiple ERP connections have to be maintained. The more banks and accounts a company has, the more complex it gets.

Cobase offers a solution! Cobase is a single point of access to manage all bank accounts a company has at many different banks. Cobase improves cash visibility, control and efficiency. The solution is primarily designed for large corporates.

Main features of the platform are a central Payment Hub, Cash Management, Treasury modules and the Robo Assistant. These modules help companies to streamline their payments and reporting, cash pooling, and basic treasury functions.

One user administration
Cobase provides one central user administration. Users and authorisation schemes can be centrally managed for all subsidiaries or departments and only one security token is needed for each user. The workflows can be configured as needed. Users do not have to be set up and maintained at each bank anymore, which saves a lot of effort.

Bank connectivity
Cobase uses direct connections, Open Banking APIs or traditional networks such as SWIFT to integrate with banks. File transformation, data mapping, and connectivity are all covered. Technical complexity is managed by Cobase and kept away from the company.

About Cobase
Majority owned by ING Bank NV, Cobase operates independently under its own brand and under its own management.

For more information about Cobase, please contact CEO Jorge Schafraad, at [email protected] or visit their website.


Jorge Schafraad

CEO at Cobase