Here are some anonymized examples from the Cash Management customer journey:

  • Nordic Bank A: The SUPPORT specialists handle errors and problems well
  • Nordic Banks B and C: The speed and quality of COMMUNICATION during system failure
  • Global Bank D: The SUPPORT specialists are competent and collaborate well with us
  • Global bank E: The efficiency and speed of the bank’s KYC processes

Banks that do NOT have this kind of bank-specific insights run a high risk of investing time and resources on the wrong tasks without ANY effect on customer satisfaction and business. Sunk costs from very limited investment budgets.

This is where CXFacts offers unique and unparalleled insights for banks. With CXFacts banks may not only enhance customer satisfaction and business – they may also save time and money by focusing on the things that matter most to corporate customers.

Find out more about the significant cost-benefit for banks in partnering with CXFacts. CXFacts is a global customer experience platform offering banks detailed corporate customer insights across 14 bank product areas – one of which is Cash Management.

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